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A Little Bit of Norman in Afghanistan


A few weeks ago, the OU Alumni Association received an email from a soldier serving in Afghanistan. Staff Sergeant Kleinsorge told us that there were entirely too many Texas fans (meaning more than zero) where he is stationed and asked if we wouldn’t mind sending him and his fellow Sooners some OU gear that would boost morale and maybe bug the Texas fans a little. Of course we are always willing to support our troops, and ruffling the feathers of a few Longhorns is just the icing on the cake. The care package included t-shirts, sunglasses, dog tags, a pennant and a few other OU items.  

The brave soldiers featured in this picture are (left to right) Staff Sergeant Labryant Venson, Staff Sergeant Michael Kleinsorge and First Lieutenant Samuel Vaughn. Even though these soldiers never attended OU, they are still connected to the university and are devoted Sooners at heart. SSG Kleinsorge’s wife is an OU alumna, who received her master’s in social work. First Lieutenant Vaughn’s father received a bachelor’s degree in nursing and SSG Venson is the nephew of one of OU’s favorite quarterbacks- JC Watts.

We are extremely grateful to these men and the other service men and women of the US Armed Forces who are overseas fighting for our country and we hope that the care package provided them a little comfort and a touch of home.

Live on, University and live on, America!


  1. Now that deserves a HUGE BOOMER SOONER!

  2. Not sure if our SOONERS guys will see this, but big-time Sooner hugs to you all!!
    @SSG Venson: my husband and I watched your uncle wiith amazement on Saturdays in Norman for years (season ticket holders for 36 years, ’til just this year); please tell your uncle to please go back into politics, we were so disappointed when he had to leave, but family always comes first. But my late-husband and I loved his good ‘publican values!
    @ ALL OF YOU: Thank you for wearing your “chosen” colors. I live in Texas now and *those Orange-people* (OS-who included) DO get sooo annoying!!

  3. Thank you again to the Alumni for the care package and posting our picture. It definately boosts morale to know that everyone supports us they way they do. We will be sending the Alumni more photos of us in our colors during the games that we get to watch( difficult here is Afghanistan). We are also trying to figure out if we can get to Norman after we return home to thank everyone in person. Again thank you to the Alumni and all who support us. SSG Kleinsorge, SSG Venson and 1LT Vaughn. BOOMER SOONER!

    • Don’t hesitate to contact us for anything that you might need or want. If you and the other guys do make it to Norman please let us know in advance. We would love to honor you in person! Thank you for all that you do. Words can’t express our sincere gratitude. Boomer Sooner!

  4. Thanks to the Alumni Assoc. for taking the time to send these soldiers a bit of OU hospitality….I love these guys!!! Especially the one on the far right because he’s my son!! Go Army !! Go Sooners!!

    K Vaughn
    Albuquerque NM
    OU ’77

    • We are MORE than happy to provide our soldiers anything that they might need or want. We are proud of them and can’t express it enough. We would love to honor them in some way if they do make it to Norman when they get home.

      Thank you again!

  5. Shoot! I came back in here just to tell y’all a big ol’
    y’all are welcome to ask me for somethin from Dallas, too. (You may friend me. I’m old enough to be your Mom/Aunt) Seriously, thanks for all that you’re doing and sacrificing, as well as your fam back home. And… may God Bless you and Keep you.
    BOOMER SOONER!! (to ALL of our SOONER men/women!

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