I’m nearly speechless. It’s 6 PM on Sunday and I am two days ahead on my homework. Usually about this time I am frantically chugging down some enlightened individual’s voluminous chapters for Monday’s classes. You see, for two of my first classes of the week I have ten books to read over the course of the semester. This tends to decrease the time I spend doing really important things, like playing Restaurant City on facebook and snooping around the blogosphere.

Being done with homework means no late night battles with algebra (which I’m re-learning through Intermediate Microeconomics) and no frantic, francophone scribbling before French Conversation and Literature.

Using this deliciously rainy, traffic-flooded weekend to study Sojourner Truth, the questionably ecological practices of Native Americans, and the contrasts between French and American culture knocks out my stress levels. I’m free to meet a friend for dinner tomorrow night then meet with Students for a Democratic Society and the Resident Student Association. I might even clean the bathroom.

Tuesday morning I’ll turn in my journal entry for R.A. Training (that’s right, come to OU and I might be your R.A.!) then hop on my bike and distribute flyers for Food Not Bombs to local hospitals, shelters, and clinics. After class I’ll volunteer with OUr Earth to help students, staff, and faculty pledge to make a change for the environment and thus earn money for the Crimson & Green campaign.

My mission for this year is to get involved, to get over my passive activism. My high school principal once told me that I am a throwback to the ‘60s. What does that mean? It means that my studies necessitate my action; so if I do my homework, I can do something better.

Sidewalk in San Francisco

Sidewalk in San Francisco

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  1. Emily on September 19th, 2009 11:27 am

    This is so random, but I LOVE Restaurant City on Facebook! It’s addicting!

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