Someone told me that your first Christmas break in college is the best, and they may be right. It was a funny feeling walking back into my bedroom at home to unpack. Everything was in the same spot, just dustier. I’m a bit of a pack rat. I can find sentimental value in hotel keys, ticket stubs, and even cool packaging (only an advertising major). As I unpacked though, I decided to sift through my collection and was able to let go of a lot. Now that I’m a college student, I’m more focused on the future than the past.

I didn’t realize how much I missed my friends and family until I spent more than a quick weekend with them. My best friend moved into an apartment, so that is where I spent most of my time. I don’t think there was ever a time that he was alone there; it was headquarters for my entire group of friends. We all picked up where we left off, and I enjoyed every moment with them. We managed to make a lot of memories in the short time we were back together. Living in Keller, TX again was not nearly as bad as I had expected. In fact, I missed a lot of the comforts of home I had once taken for granted. I made sure to visit all of my favorite local restaurants before leaving.

The first week back to school from break was my initiation week for Lambda Chi Alpha. Without giving away our sacred rituals, I can tell you that I’m lacking some sleep. Overall the week was challenging, rewarding, and fun. I doubted the Greek system before coming to college, but they’ve made a believer out of me. ZAX!

My new classes are similar in difficulty to my first semester’s classes with a few exceptions. For one, Writing for Mass Media is proving to be much more work than I anticipated. The professor gives quizzes EVERY CLASS. I’m not a morning person, so even the 10:30 a.m. class is hard for me to get to. It seems every new class I’m in is placing a big emphasis on attendance, which has never been my strong suit. After missing a 4.0 by one point in my history class, I really want to buckle down and make it happen this semester. Wish me luck!

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