Luckily it started just as my last class ended, but yesterday I suddenly started having the worst abdominal pains of my life. I was desperate enough to make it stop that I called my parents who happened to be on vacation in Orlando. My overprotective mother called the only person she knew in Norman to pick me up and take me to the urgent care center. After waiting around in pain for a few hours, they referred me to the emergency room.

The docs were worried it could be appendicitis or an infection, but fortunately it was nothing serious. (Not that my pain wasn’t serious!) The most incredible part of the whole situation was how much support I got from my friends and family from here and afar. Mom was of course calling me for updates, promising to catch the first flight out in the morning if I did need surgery. My sister in Dallas said she would drive up to stay with me if I were admitted overnight. All three of my roommates and a few other friends came to the hospital to check on me and drive me from place to place. One of my friends’ mom was offering her expertise over the phone. Professors were more than understanding about me taking a couple days to recover. Everyone was on my side.

As I was telling my mom not to leave Orlando, she asked how I would feel if I needed surgery and my family wasn’t there. I told her I’d be fine. (I was a little loopy from the pain meds, though.) Either way, the whole situation made me realize how great I have it here.

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