Currently reading:  House at Riverton by Kate Morton (I’ve had this book for about two weeks and have not had enough time to complete it yet. Honestly, something’s got to give….=/ )

Currently listening to: Sad Music by Brave Brothers (this is Korean-pop. Music is universal, though. Check it out and have a listen!)

Only about two more months until my first year as a Sooner will be completed. My, my. Time does fly. It seems like only yesterday that I was starting my first day of classes. I feel accomplished and just a tad nostalgic for last semester. But it’s too early to reminisce.

Okay anyway. What to update on? O. Chem II. GASP. I have an exam coming up this Friday. After I get done writing this blog, I will be opening my book, taking out my notes, and getting some serious studying done. I’ve actually basically been living at the library for the past few days studying for this exam. Here’s to hoping that I’ll ace it!! =]

I am currently waiting for a final notice from an advisor so that I can enroll in my classes for this summer and next fall. I will most definitely be taking my Fundamentals of Microbiology class. I am so, so, so excited. I think this will be a great class and I am just waiting patiently for Fall 2010 to start. So far, the only other class that I know I will take no matter what during Fall 2010 is  an Honors course called “Sex/Love/Race.” This sounds really great and I am super-duper excited to get started. Ah….the possibilities of a new semester. I believe next year will a be very intellectual one and I am SO. SUPER. SUPER. EXCITED. The possibilites of new knowledge I might attain are endless. =]

My next school year will undoubtedly be a busy one since I plan on volunteering at a hospital and I might also be holding a T.A. position for a Gateway Class. No matter, since I will be sure to prioritize my time wisely.

I think that’s it for now.  I will definitely write more soon.


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