It’s 4:15 a.m., and I’m on the 12th floor study lounge of Muldrow Tower. I have eight items on my to do list for the night, and this blog entry is number six. My roommate is on my left, studying for Spanish and playing playlists to keep us awake. My suitemate is on my right, catching up on homework. Why aren’t we sleeping? Because there are three weeks of our freshman year at college remaining, and we don’t want to waste a moment. I’ll sleep when I die.

Maybe my priorities are a little out of order, but I’ve realized that the more I can get done on Sunday nights, the more fun I can have on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. It’s been showing great results for me lately, too. After my last couple all-nighters, I have received the single highest grades on my latest Spanish test, Math test and, most impressive, my Writing for Mass Media test.


During the next two hours, I’ll study more. At 6:30, the caf opens, and I’ll feast. Then I’ll nap for a few hours before my first class at 10:30. It will take me a couple days to catch up on sleep, but I know it’s worth it, because it’s my decision. That’s what college is about: freedom. The freedom to make your own schedule and suffer the consequences.

These study habits won’t work for everyone, but I feel like I’ve finally gotten a hang of this whole college thing. Am I late? Or does it take everyone until the very end to realize what does and doesn’t work? I don’t know, but I don’t care. College is great. Summer is going to be an adjustment, and so will sophomore year. But with each new challenge, I’m sensing growth in myself, and I like it.

My next goal: Travel.

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