1) My favorite part of the week? Wednesday night. Why? $3 burgers at McNellie’s. I have an evening Vis Comm class, Design Technology, on Mondays and Wednesdays. Our class lets out around 7:30, and directly from class we all pile into a few peoples’ cars and drive to McNellie’s Pub in Norman. It’s just a quick 5-minute trip, and maybe an hour wait (for our large groups of 10 or more), and then we can eat delicious burgers and fries–for just $3. It’s every college student’s dream. I will admit that I was a little wary about such cheap hamburgers, but I’m very picky, and I love them. You can also sub in sweet potato fries if you’d like, which is a very popular option. McNellie’s is located in downtown Norman, which is home to a lot of very fun and unique places. I definitely recommend walking around if you get the chance.

2) I received an invitation last night from a friend I know. “We’re playing MarioKart on the South Oval. You and your friends should join us!” It was an event put on by a fraternity on campus called Delta Chi. I was extremely confused as to how they were planning to play MarioKart outside, without a TV hookup, but I shrugged and said sure. I thought maybe they were doing it on a projection screen or something, and I’m an expert MarioKart driver, so it seemed worth a few hours of my time. Oh, how right I was. I arrived to find that there was no TV, no projection screen–just fairly well painted boxes that had shoulder straps. Yes, that’s right. Life-sized MarioKart. I played the first round as Princess Peach, in my yellow box with a tiara on my head. After that, I played another round as a red shell where I was sent to tag the racers and force them to pause in the midst of the race. Yes, this is how random and crazy and fun life at OU is.

3) Just a few short weeks ago, OU Information Technology opened a new location on Campus Corner. It is possibly the most beautiful store I’ve ever seen. I went by for the grand opening–in which they were selling desktop Apples for up to $200 off the list price and iPads for $50 off–and had a great time. They were giving out free T-shirts and were having drawings to give out iPads. I seriously considered getting an iPad that day, but in the end, I decided to wait a month or two and see if it’s what I really want. The OU IT store has another big sale once a semester I think in which they cut prices down pretty drastically, so I just might pick up an iPad then. 🙂

And now, my family came into town to have dinner with me at the delicious Couch Restaurants, so I’m gonna run! Until next time!

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