While it may be the holiday season, it is not quite time for the holiday cheer.  Lets be honest–holidays come every single year, but general elections don’t! Let me present the facts:

-This year we have 37 out of the 100 Senate seats up for election!

-All 435 House of Representative seats are up for election, as well!

-2/3 of young adults are registered to vote, but 3 out of 10 are NOT!

-The majority of young adults will NOT vote in the general election on November 2.

Freedom, Democracy, Justice, Equality–do these words mean anything to you?  Most likely you answered yes; therefore, you should VOTE. If you don’t vote you are letting someone decide for you, you are depending on others to make the right decision.  Additionally, if you do not vote you cannot complain about the current policies.

I should first say that I am extremely passionate about politics.  I have interned for a congressman in Norman for over a year, I spent half of my summer interning in Washington DC for the same congressman,  the last half of my summer I spent interning as a legislative correspondent for a senator in Tulsa, and to top it all off I already have been offered a position in DC for this upcoming summer!  So if that doesn’t tell you that I WILL be voting on November 2, I don’t know what will!

Voting is your civic duty.  Yes, I know I sound like a broken record, but it important and crucial.  You have a say in how the United States of America is run!  This is huge, there are people who fight to have this privilege. You have the opportunity to make a huge difference–a government run by the people for the people cannot work without the people, so VOTE!

A lot of young people say they simply don’t know enough about politics to vote.  We have this new technology called the internet, that can easily teach you about each candidate.  Simply go to google and type in the candidate’s name and you will know how they stand on major political issues!

Look people, while I secretly wish that all Democrats wouldn’t vote, my top wish is that the majority of young adults would become politically active and aware!  While I may not agree with your political beliefs, I still want you go register to vote and then to use that right to go vote!

So I will leave you with this–

1. If you are registered to vote, go here to find your polling place.

2. If you are not registered to vote, please register.

I love Cake and America!

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