1) Move In. There is nothing in the world like being a part of the joy and excitement that blankets campus on this August day. The entire Walker Adams mall is covered with tents, new Sooners, and parents. Music booms across campus from a DJ. Businesses set up tables and give away free frisbees, pens, laundry bags, cash, etc. Free donuts, bagels and juices are provided in the morning, and a free barbecue is held in the evening. This year, I even got my caricature done, you guessed it, for FREE! I always work with Housing & Food’s marketing team doing anything and everything–passing out water bottles to parents and students, running the elevators, and even checking on on the caricaturist and bringing him food. You’ll soon see that this day is well worth the early wake up call. Nothing compares to seeing the excitement on all the new Sooners’ faces!

2) OU/TX Football Game Day! While I have yet to attend the game in person, I always watch it on TV. This legendary football rivalry is such a big deal on campus that it’s impossible not to get excited! I particularly love seeing all the clever local ads that come out around this time of year–restaurants that advertise their steaks with the slogan, “Cook ’em horns.”

3) Sooner Saturday. Did any of you attend this year’s Sooner Saturday? It was just a few days ago, on November 20th, and I love being around to speak with the hundreds of prospective students that flock to campus to attend a full day of sessions, tours and more about everything OU! This year, I helped out with Housing & Food, so you may have seen me passing out information at the browsing session and answering questions in the H&F office. This year was particularly fun for me since I designed the invitations and T-shirts for the event. Nothing compares to seeing hundreds of our volunteers wearing the shirt I designed! This is one of my favorite things about OU–the opportunities that students get to gain hands-on experience in their career paths through OU events.

4) The First Day of Classes. A few days before school starts, I always pull out the agenda that OU hands out to new students at move-in and color code all my classes with the professor’s name, the location and the time. I always leave for class at least 30 minutes before it’s set to start so that I am sure to find the classroom and get a good seat with time to spare. I love meeting my new professors and receiving the syllabi so I can see what my semester will look like! Every semester is totally unique, and they just keep getting better!

5) Our Inevitable Snow Days. What’s better than being bundled up in a cozy residence hall room with a cup of hot cocoa, listening to holiday music and watching the snow fall out your window? Every year I’ve been here, we’ve gotten at least one snow day, and I love seeing the peaceful campus blanketed in snow. As much as I really do love my classes, it’s nice to get a day that I can wake up late, catch up on some reading, eat warm soup and then go out and frolic and take pictures in the snow with friends. These days are just good for my soul!

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