This summer I could be here!

I hope to study abroad this coming summer in Peru!! Just a few minutes ago I submitted the last portions of my application on the OU Education Abroad website. Needless to say, I’m excited. It’s crazy to think that just a few months from now the time to board a plane will have come and I’ll be off to South America.

Counting on official acceptance to the program, on June 16 my study abroad experience will begin in Lima, Peru. This OU program, titled Journey to Latin America, is just one of several OU Journey Programs offered by this university.  Designed exclusively for OU students and taking them to places all over the world from China to Italy to Latin America, OU’s Journey Programs give you a broad introduction and study into the cultures and locations that they visit.  All class work is done in English, so no prior language knowledge is required! I’m working on becoming fluent in Spanish and hope to have a more intensive language study abroad experience sometime in the future, but know that I’ll still be able to practice my Spanish this summer while in Peru. I can’t wait for the experiences that await me! Besides spending time studying in Lima, this trip will take me to Machu Picchu, Cuzco, the Amazon Jungle, and other locales! I’ll be earning class credit the entire time!An emphasis on becoming aware of the world around us and our global community has been stressed by President Boren and OU.  This emphasis, along with the wide variety and ease of study abroad options, was a large reason that I chose to attend OU.  I can’t believe that after only a year at the university I’ll be allowed such a great experience!

My Camp Crimson Group Last Summer!

Once I return, the remainder of my summer should continue to be very rewarding.  I’ve applied to be a counselor at Camp Crimson, an outstanding orientation program for incoming freshmen.  Besides imbibing you with pride for the university and teaching you what it means to be a Sooner, you’ll hopefully make new friends, meet TONS of new people, and learn how to succeed at OU throughout the course of a brief three summer days! I highly encourage all incoming freshmen to attend and would really enjoy being able to help make their experience great as a counselor.  I’ve been amazed at how often I run into people I met at Camp Crimson! Knowing familiar faces and already having made a few friends made my first few weeks of college even greater. I had a head start on learning about all that there is to do here, which has proven to be a huge help! Check out last year’s website here and be sure to register as soon as registration opens!

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