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So we are a little over a month into the Spring semester — my fifth here at OU — but it definitely does not feel like it! Time is flying by, and the snow breaks we had definitely sped everything up! I, of course, enjoyed those snow days as much as the next person, and I admire and respect the fact that OU consistently sided with student safety when making the decisions about whether we would have class. But I will say that at one point, I told a friend of mine that you know you love your major when you are disappointed that class is cancelled! 

And speaking of my major, how cool is this? My last project in my Typography class was to create a 27th letter to the alphabet, and in my Visual Communications class, we are taking a trip to the zoo in a few weeks to do research for some animal silhouettes and icons that we will be creating. These projects strengthen our skills and our attention to detail, and boy are they fun to complete! They’re difficult — don’t get me wrong — but they are also very enjoyable. Much more so, in my opinion, than a chapter of Calculus homework. 🙂

Meanwhile, I know I’m a few weeks late, but I’d like to highlight some of the activities OU organized for one of my very favorite holidays: Valentine’s Day.

The Faculty-in-Residence in Couch Tower hosted a Valentine’s event that Monday with tables and tables of delicious chocolate treats. These Faculty-in-Residence plan activities each semester that are open to all the residents of their community.

Then our Union organized a big event the Saturday before Valentine’s Day called the Chocolate Factory. They had plenty of sweets available, and then also screened New Moon in our Auditorium.

Finally, the Graphic Design Association, a club within my major, planned a bowling event for that Saturday.

These are just three of the events I knew of that happened across campus, but there were plenty of others that were organized as well. So date or no date, everybody on campus had the opportunity to enjoy this lovely holiday.

How did I celebrate on campus? I decorated my dorm room door with a heart shaped tinsel wreath and brought paper airplane Valentine’s cards for my classmates.

How did YOU celebrate?

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