As I am getting settled in my classes and starting to plan my schedule for next year, I’ve started to realize how much I rely on all the different OU websites! So I thought I would post a list of some of the sites that make my life as a student and resident so much easier!

1) oZone – The central hub for all of the information an OU student might need to know, oZone will show you your bursar balance, a list of upcoming academic seminars, and headlines and blurbs for the new stories from our campus newspaper, the Oklahoma Daily–all on the homepage! The homepage also has tabs and links to a ton of useful information, like your enrollment page and financial aid information.

2) Degree Navigator – This site lets us see all of the coursework we must complete for our chosen major, and it will check off the requirements we’ve already completed so we know exactly what we still need to take! I check this practically every week now that I’m just two short years away from graduation! Gotta make sure I graduate on time!

3) Desire2Learn – Affectionately known as “D2L,” this site is the center for course material. Each of your classes will have their own page where the instructors can post their syllabi or other material, post grades, display quizzes for you to take or even use discussion boards for you to discuss course topics with your classmates. I have taken an online class each semester, and this website is vital for those online courses. This is where we take all of our exams and post all of our homework.

4) Laundry Alert – For students living in the residence halls, this site makes laundry so much easier! From this site, we can check to see if a machine is available before we trek downstairs to the laundry room, and we can even set the site up to text us when our load is finished! This way, I can put all my clothes in the washer and then go back to my room and work on homework until I get that text alert! So convenient!

5) Exchange – So this is our email site, nothing too exciting, but it is one website that I ALWAYS have open on my computer! It is so important to check your email at least every day when you’re on campus, because you hear about so many awesome opportunities! First of all, your professors will communicate with you via email all year, so that’s one major reason to check it often. Secondly, you’ll also get emails about dream course offerings, awesome visiting speakers, and the events that are put on each weekend. As future Sooners, you will want to start checking your email as soon as you get it set up after you are admitted, and keep checking it at least once a week until you arrive!

And of course the big website you as a prospective student need to remember is the Recruitment Services homepage! Check this site often to get the lowdown on all things OU, explore our over 150 degree options and meet the OU representative that will guide you through the college search process!

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