OU Cousins is one of my favorite organizations on campus! Every year, this group pairs international students with American students to give them the opportunity to get to know each other and their respective culture. Events are held throughout the year that are particularly representative of American culture to give international students a taste of traditions they might not otherwise get during their time in the states.

A Pumpkin Carve event was among the first OU Cousins has hosted this year. Although students are encouraged to hang out outside of planned activities, structured events are great fun! It was a blast watching international students feel the stringy, orange insides of a pumpkin for the first time. Even more exciting were the “oohs” and “ahs” as the lights turned off and designs lit up with a yellow glow. It gave me even greater appreciation for the special ways Americans celebrate Halloween. I look forward to the Thanksgiving Dinner and the Christmas Light Tour that are scheduled! OU Cousins is just one of the many great ways to get involved on campus! I hope any prospective students reading this realize that! Comment if you ever have any questions!

Pictures from the Pumpkin Carve

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