I know that one of the big concerns for incoming freshmen is those pesky Gen Eds. When I came in as a Journalism major (and when I became an Art major), the last thing I wanted to take was a lab science. But these classes needn’t be scary! There are so many awesome courses at OU that you can find something that interests you to satisfy your Gen Eds. Everybody’s interests are different, but these are some of the classes that I recommend.

Lab Science Requirement: Weather & Climate

Not only was this one super fun, it was also relevant to everyday life. It’s always nice to know what those radar screens mean, and what the sky will look like before a storm. I learned a ton of information that I still use every day, and had a great time in the process. I’m more of an English/Reading person than a Math/Science, so I don’t really love classes that are dense in scientific jargon, but this one was pretty manageable. Plus, my professor was so funny and approachable!

Non Lab Science Requirement: Intro to Nutrition

I took this course from Dr. Knehans, and it was just like my Weather & Climate class–informative and interesting. Dr. K is super funny, so I actually really enjoyed attending this 8 AM class! The class talked about the different food groups, vitamins and minerals, what different foods do for your body, the signs of vitamin and mineral deficiencies, and general nutrition tips. For one of our assignments, we also got to keep a food diary and have our nutrition intake analyzed for free! I definitely recommend this one for a Non Lab Science credit.

Non Western Culture Requirement: Communication in Non Western Culture

This was one of my first classes as a freshman at OU, and I was definitely nervous. It was a larger lecture class, but I actually learned that I often prefer the format of those. With lecture classes, I found that you generally get a bit more freedom to learn at your own pace because there are fewer intermediate assignments, and the class is structured more around two or three exams set throughout the semester. And with awesome professors, lecture classes remind me of story time. 🙂 It’s a little like having someone read this really interesting story to you. Once you arrive, you’ll learn which format of classes you prefer–smaller discussions or larger lectures–and then you can schedule your classes accordingly. No matter which you prefer, you’ll have so many options that you shouldn’t have a hard time finding exactly what you want!

Second Semester English Requirement: Expository Writing–Fashion & Identity

Although this was one of the more difficult classes that I have taken in my three and a half years at OU, it also wound up being one of my favorites. Second semester, I had the option of choosing between an English Composition course or an Expository Writing course to fulfill my second English credit. From my understanding, Composition courses generally feature more reading and are graded by exams, and Expo courses are more writing-oriented and are graded from papers. Since I love to write and there were so many fun topics for Expo, I chose to take a Fashion & Identity Expo course. That just means that the articles we read and the papers we wrote all related to, you guessed it, fashion. There were many other random topics, so whatever your interest, you’re sure to find one that will appeal to you. For me, this one was perfect. We even got to write a reaction paper to Devil Wears Prada for extra credit! My professor really pushed me to improve my writing, and I truly believe that I am better off after her guidance. I highly recommend this one if you’re up for a bit of a challenge–just remember, it pays off!

Western Culture Requirement: Freedom in Rome or Freedom in Greece

Okay, so I haven’t actually taken this one yet, but it’s at the top of my list for next year! These classes are taught by Dr. Rufus Fears, and I have heard phenomenal things about them! He has received national recognition for his lectures, and rumor has it that he makes attending class an experience that you truly don’t want to miss. He tells you about history in a way that his lectures become narratives that keep you on the edge of your seat. His class is a must-take for sure. Just be sure to enroll as soon as you can, because his classes are in high demand and they fill up fast!

If these aren’t quite your cup of tea, don’t worry! Like I said, there are so many options for you to choose from that you’ll be able to really enjoy your Gen Eds. This is probably really nerdy, but one of my favorite parts of the semester is looking up the classes being offered each semester and finding which ones I want to take! Let enrolling be fun for you, and just remember to consider what YOUR interests are!

Until next time!


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