10. The Seed Sower

It may just seem like a statue at first, but it’s much more than that! It greets you when you walk onto the main part of campus, the South Oval, and is one of the most recognized features of the OU campus. Just so you know, it is a statue of OU’s first president, David Ross Boyd. But all you really need to know is that it’s sometimes decorated for game days or the beginning of school, and you will see it on many pamphlets and t-shirts once you get here. It really does symbolize OU!

9. Norman/Oklahoma City

Norman really is a great place to have a college campus! It’s nice because it’s not in the city, so it’s not too crowded or overwhelming; but on the other hand, it’s not in the middle of nowhere. Pretty much anything you want on a daily basis can be found in Norman; but if you really want to go to the city, Oklahoma City is only a quick trip away. It only takes about 20 or 30 minutes to get to Bricktown, which is probably the most popular part of Oklahoma City.

8. Campus

OU’s campus is half the reason I chose OU (okay, maybe not half, but it was a big reason). It just really is the perfect college campus! It’s really pretty (it is made in the Cherokee Gothic style. I know, you were dying to know that). Every building looks like it goes with every other building. Also, although it might not seem important while choosing your college, campus is super compact (which makes it super convenient!). The dorms are separated from the rest of campus by one street (Lindsey Street) and the rest of campus is found in one area. It takes me about 15 minutes to get from one end of campus to the other. No bus riding, no driving, no nothing! It’s really nice to actually have the feeling that you’re on a college campus, and not just feel like your going from one academic building to another one. What’s more, the compactness of the campus and the layout of the South Oval contribute to an overall great community atmosphere. It’s really easy to feel like you can get involved at OU and you just feel like part of the Sooner family everywhere you go!


7. Great academics

I guess you can’t talk about school without talking about academics (Yes, be aware, you will actually have to go to class when you get here!) School is actually really good though! Don’t stress about picking a major and use your freshman year to get most of your gen eds (general education courses) out of the way. Once you’re in your major-specific classes, you’ll like most of them. You choose your majors for a reason!


6. Campus Corner

It’s hard to mention campus without mentioning Campus Corner. Campus Corner is not actually part of campus, but it right there and super convenient! It has game day stores (with t-shirts and other OU gear), fun shopping boutiques, delicious restaurants (Tea Café and Vicotria’s are absolute must-visits!) and fun sports bars.


5. The Diversity

You can’t stereotype OU into one type of person. I really have seen every type of person on this campus. There are also tons of different nationalities represented here! That has been one of my favorite things to experience at OU. Sitting in Starbucks the other day, I overheard a guy from Istanbul, two girls from Holland and two guys from Latin America. And if you really want to get involved with international students, you have the opportunity to join OU Cousins or live on the international floor in the dorms!


4. President David Boren

If you don’t know yet, David Boren is OU’s president. He’s kinda legit (you should Google him). But besides that, you can’t look at the guy and be mad. I’ve rarely seen him or video of him without a smile on his face. In my mind, he’s kind of like OU’s resident grandfather. And his house near Campus Corner is so pretty!


3. Oklahoma football

It might just be because it’s football season, but it’s hard not to rank football near the top of this list! (Although, don’t worry about the order of this too much…I really didn’t put too much thought into it because they’re all great reasons to me!) Even if you don’t like football that much, the games are a ton of fun. There really is nothing like game day in Norman!


2. Happy, friendly Okies

I’m from Houston. I love Houston. I love Texas. But one reason I really love OU is because almost everybody I meet on this campus and in the state of Oklahoma is super, super friendly. Honestly, when people are nice to you, it just puts you in a better mood. It makes you friendlier too! It’s just a great, familial environment that helps create that community atmosphere.


1. There’s only one Oklahoma!

It may be a cheesy saying, but there really is no other school like OU! They might have individual things that can compare to OU; but as a whole, you can really find no other school like Oklahoma. Friendliness, diversity, beauty, convenience, vibrancy, academics, leadership…what more could you ask for from a college? If you don’t believe me, come take a campus visit and find out for yourself! While my good friends at UT are holding up their longhorn fingers, I’m putting down that pinky, and holding up that one. Because there really is just one Oklahoma! Boomer!


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