Hello future Sooners!

I can’t believe that this semester has gone by so fast! I’m a freshman so it is crazy to think that I am already heading into my second semester of freshman year. So finals are coming in the next two weeks, and classes are starting to slow down and just review over all of the information from this past semester. What I have learned from this past week of being back from Thanksgiving break is that before you leave for the break, make sure you have your work done and can come back prepared, not behind.

This week is dead week, which means that none of the teachers can teach any new information, so I think it will be the perfect time to get ready for exams. After that, we have exam week, which is good and bad. The good thing is that Christmas is so close and we get a month off before starting a new semester! The bad thing is that we have to take exams. However, if you prepare yourself and spend a good amount of time studying for your exams, then hopefully everything will pay off and you will do well on your exams!

Another important part of studying for exams is finding a good place to study. It always depends on how you  like to study, but I personally like to either study in my room or in the study room at my sorority house. Another great place to study is the library. When I need complete peace and quiet to study for an important test, the library is the perfect place to go to.

In the end, exams are not too bad but I definitely recommend to make sure you have enough time to prepare yourself, get enough sleep during the week so you can always feel fresh and awake for your exam, and to study as much as you can but don’t overload yourself. I hope everyone including both college and prospective students do well on their exams! Good luck!

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