Hello again! I am sitting at home, in my cozy bed, and decided I would give some more advice to all of you future Sooners!

Over the winter break, I have been participating in an online intersession course, called History of Jazz. It may not sound exciting to some people, but I am actually really enjoying what I am learning! Intersession classes are wonderful because it gives students a chance to jump ahead, and knock out some of those gen ed courses. My History of Jazz course counts as my “Artistic Forms” credit, and let me tell you, this is a lifesaver considering I am not artistic at all! This class lasts 4 weeks and the course material is all online. It’s so convenient for students who have a lot of plans/traveling to do over the break, because the professor basically said we need to have everything turned in by the last day of class. There are tons of intersession courses offered at OU. I highly suggest that any freshman sign up to take one, especially over winter break. It will be worth your time, and if winter break doesn’t seem to tickle your fancy, you can also do a spring intersession class, around May-June.

The real question is, why WOULDN’T you sign up for an intersession class?

Here is a handy-dandy link, that takes you straight to OU’s Intersession website: INTERSESSION


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