8 Things I Missed About OU Over Winter Break

8. The South Oval

When you come for your tour, the South Oval probably seems like nothing more than a huge space that takes forever to walk across, but in reality it’s the center of activity at OU. This is because, especially as a freshman, all of your courses will most likely be concentrated in this area of campus. Last semester, 3 out of my 4 classes were somewhere on the Oval. Even if you’re not a freshman, the Oval serves as a rendezvous point for every student at OU, no matter what major or year they might be. CAC and other campus organizations advertise their events here, free stuff is often distributed here, and everyone has to pass through at some point. What I’ve missed most is the liveliness of the Oval and how I always see my friends pass by when I’m walking to class. I miss the way people cross Lindsey before the monotone crosswalk voice says, “Walk sign is on” because they’re running late to class. And I miss the free stuff, but I’ll get my fill soon thanks to CAC’s Winter Welcome Week!

7. My room

Sure, university dorms are notoriously cramped, and waiting on the elevators isn’t always fun, but I like to look at the bright side of things. When else in your life will all of your friends live within the same square mile? When before in your life have you had the complete liberty to decorate your own room or the authority to decide whether or not you want to clean it that day? (Not that I don’t clean my room…) Over the break, I’ve missed the ease and friendliness of the  dorms. Everything I need is conveniently located around the dorms, including all the great friends I’ve made at OU.

6. Dining

My mom can only offer so much selection with her meals at home, so I can’t wait to head to the Caf and fill my plate with a custom grilled burger, some Greek salad, and maybe some Chick-fil-A waffle fries from our all-you-can-eat Chick-fil-A. (Yeah, I know. I’ve heard it’s the only one in the world…)

5. Exercise

In the wake of the holidays, I’m really looking forward to have access to OU’s workout facilities again. The treadmill at my house just isn’t the same as the ones at the Huff. On the Huff’s treadmills, I can watch TV, chat with my friends, and feel more motivated to work out since I have tons of potential workout partners around. Workouts are also less monotonous because there are so many other options like weights, rock climbing, classes (Zumba!), and racquetball. Last semester my friends and I tried out racquetball at the Huff and I’m excited to try it again. (Hopefully without running into any walls this time.) The best part about the Huff is that it’s right across the street from the residential towers. It makes workouts harder to avoid when you can see the gym from your room’s window.

4. Routine

Unfortunately, during the break I continued my bad sleeping habits from Finals Week, i.e. going to bed at 3 AM and waking up at noon. (Oops.) I’ve missed the schedule that comes with having classes, meetings, and homework. While I was at home I wasn’t very productive because I was always making up for the time I lost to sleeping in. I’m excited to have a routine to my day again because it makes taking care of business so much easier. When I have set times to go to class, workout, study, eat, and relax, everything actually gets done.

3. Classes

On that note, yes, I actually have missed my classes! Maybe if I had the same schedule as last semester that wouldn’t be the case, but since I have all new classes, I’m excited to get started. Since I’m still not sure what major I’d like pursue, this semester is full of general education classes. I’m taking Intro the Nutrition (Science credit), Intro to Comparative Religion (Non-Western culture), Understanding the Theatre (Understanding Art), Arabic II (foreign language), as well as a 2-hour freshman seminar class called CIA and Congress. All of these classes are on topics I’m sincerely interested in AND superstar professors teach all of these courses. I feel like I’m going to learn so much this semester since I’ll actually be invested in the topics I’ll be studying. I’ll keep you updated on how the classes go!

2. Clubs and Organizations

I cannot WAIT to get involved on campus again! I’ve missed Union Programming Board meetings which are always so fun and productive. I’m also ready for some upcoming charity and service events like Big Event and OU’s annual Dance Marathon. I’m actually involved in the coordination of Big Event and am really excited for April to get here. Big Event is a day of service at OU where more than 5,000 Sooners go out and complete a community service project. It makes such a difference in the community and I am so proud to be apart of one of OU’s finer endeavors. Also, President’s Leadership Class meetings will be back in session and I hear we have some exciting meetings planned. (A visit to the Governor’s mansion, anyone? Ballroom dancing lessons?) Needless to say, I am PUMPED.

1. People

All that up there is amazing, but more than anything, I’ve missed the people of OU. Sure, this is a beautiful campus, but it’d be nothing special without the people here who make it so. Obviously, I’ve missed all the new friends I’ve made and it blows my mind that I’ve known most of them for only a semester. I saw some of them over the break, but nothing beats having everyone in the same place together again. Besides my friends though, I’ve also missed the people who make OU into a university: the housing staff of my tower (who are so helpful), the nice lady who swipes my meal card in the Caf, some of my professors, and pretty much every smiling Sooner on campus. I’m getting sappy now, so I’ll stop, but you’ll understand when you get here. When you’re here, you’re ALL family!

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Boomer Sooner,

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2 Responses to “8 Things I Missed About OU Over Winter Break”

  1. OU Sophomore Mom on January 20th, 2012 10:07 am

    Enjoyed reading this! You are a talented writer. Best of luck with Semester Two.

  2. Terry on January 20th, 2012 4:25 pm

    All you can eat Chick-Fil-A??? Glad I didn’t have that when I was in college or I would have gained more than the Freshman 15!

    I miss the beautiful flowers in the springtime, the awesome landscaping that OU maintains, the beautiful gothic style architecture, trips to O’Connell’s and Brothers for beers watching games, watching OU football, basketball, baseball, and gymnastics, and the friendliness of the people there. It’s really not found anywhere else!

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