The Wire is a television drama about drugs and crime in inner city Baltimore. If I told you that I meet with a group of OU students Monday nights in the Honors College to watch and talk not just about the exciting plot, but also about what the show has to say about the relationship between civilian and state, or social and economic status in the inner city, might you be  a bit intrigued?

Kimberly wrote a great post with information about the Honors College, but I wanted to elaborate on my personal experience inside the college even more! The book clubs that she mentions deserve to be raved about. We come to college to learn and have intelligent and thought provoking discussion about a huge range of topics with the other students at the University. Be it a book club, a current events discussion group, a documentary screening, or a group watching The Wire, the Honors College provides and promotes fun, engaging activities for students on campus outside of classroom hours.

I’ve loved the small class sizes, professor attention, and ability to develop my writing and critical thinking abilities in the Honors sections of classes, but some of my most fulfilling experiences have been with groups of bright, thoughtful students in these extracurricular activities. They’ve made learning fun!

And the Honors College doesn’t solely engage students in cerebral pursuits. The Outdoor Adventure program encourages learning and engagement with nature, provides a break from technology and school year stress, and allows for developing leadership outdoors.

Study abroad programs through the Honors College, like Honors at Oxford, allow for a wider world experience and view. I strongly encourage all of you to consider the wonderful opportunity the Honors College presents to you on campus!

Check out the Honors College website here.

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