To ensure you will get the best education at the University of Oklahoma, take advantage of the free tutoring that the University offers for any course you take at OU.

Chances are at least one of the courses you take will stump or challenge you. OU’s tutoring program is called UC Action and is CRLA (College Reading and Learning Association) certified. You can schedule small group appointments, online tutoring, faculty directed sessions or just walk in! Despite which option you choose, all of these opportunities will enable you to be successful in any of your courses.  UC Action is not just offered for your freshman level courses, but for all OU courses.

OU’s free tutoring program, UC Action, is a program many OU students utilize on a daily basis. This is just one of the many tools OU has implemented to give the support needed to our students. I encourage you to take advantage of UC Action once you step foot on campus! Boomer Sooner!

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