Seems like we all survived finals even though they seemed like they were going to kill us and with all the stress of finals also came the sadness that freshman year was almost over. Seeing everyone move out of the dorms was such a sad thing to experience. I think we all enjoyed our first year so much and are all sad it’s over. The day before my roommate and I moved out, we were packing up and kept repeating how we couldn’t believe we weren’t going to live in the dorm anymore and how close this year was from ending. We decided to come up with a few things that we either did or wish we did this past Freshman year.. So here they are a few FRESHMAN YEAR MUST DO’s…

of course, I have to start out with… 

Football Season!

Besides the obvious–attending an OU football game–a must do during game days is to spot Boomer &/or Sooner throughout campus! Most of the time, Boomer & Sooner are showing off their mad dancing skills or crowd surfing at the games… They are too much fun and filled with Sooner spirit!

Visit Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art!

Another Freshman Year must do is to visit the Fred Jones Jr. Museum of Art which is right on campus. They host several student parties throughout the year to promote new collections and often bring in great speakers if you are at all interested in art, certain artists’ lives, or just looking to gain some cultural knowledge about art. Are you an art fanatic or would just like to help the Museum during special events? Then you can sign up to be an art museum ambassador! How cool! The museum events are always a great way to meet people, and get some free things (like art posters that make great dorm decor). It’s just a nice way to spend a random afternoon.




Attend as many events as possible…








The possibilities are endless here at OU.

Make sure to check out the hockey games, basketball games, softball games, volleyball games, gymnastic meets (picture shown of the NCAA Nationals), and all the other great sporting events that OU has. Many, if not all, are free to enter with your student ID! Such a great way to show your Sooner spirit!

Get involved!

It’s such a great way to get to meet other people and help the university. OU Dance Marathon, Homecoming, Union Programming Board, Mom’s/Dad’s Day, College Bowl, Concert Series, Film Series, Roteract, UOSA… the list goes on and on and on. Become a part of the committees or volunteer to help them and I promise you will not regret it! There is something for everyone!

AND last but not least get to to know the campus…

Take a Tour de France CAMPUS! 

It’s similar to the Tour de France… Grab your bike (or borrow a friend’s), and head to the Visitor Center where you can grab a “Self-Guided Tour” book and take a spin around campus… Visiting all the POI (points of interest). It’s a spin to the typical walking tours and you can make your own adventure, stopping where you want, taking pictures, and exploring literally any and every spot of the OU campus. Trust me, it’s worth it!!

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  1. Keith on October 27th, 2014 4:00 pm

    There’s always something for freshmen to do in college besides party! Getting involved is as important as academics as part of the college experience in my opinion. Thumbs up!

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