I always heard the idea that OU is one big family, but I never really believed that…until now. This past weekend I spent my Sunday talking to prospective students about what I loved about OU. Then it all hit me. My freshman year was a build-up to this moment.

It all came together for me. I found my mentor, who has been able to show me the ropes of campus life; I have made friends that I never would have thought I’d be able to make; but most importantly I have found my Sooner Family.

Now, by no means am I saying that it was an easy road to get here. I came to OU from Spring, TX. I came to OU knowing no one, not even knowing an upperclassman. My first semester wasn’t stellar, it was barely even good. That didn’t stop me. I kept pushing on, with support from my Sooner Family. Sure, there were times that I wasn’t sure OU was the place for me, but here I am, four semesters in. I wouldn’t trade my time here for anything (yes, even that one bad semester).

To explain the people of OU to outsiders is nearly impossible. They are incredible. They accept you for what you are, and love you just the same. The professors care and genuinely want you to succeed. The Sooner Family incorporates all of yOU, and never lets go.

Dalton Brasington
Political Science
Class of 2015
Spring, TX

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