The future is going to be an adventure and I am really excited to see where the Arts take me. I am extremely proud to have graduated from the University of Oklahoma. The Weitzenhoffer Family College of Fine Arts has been so good to me. Dean Mary Margaret Holt and the OU School of Dance professors are incredible and have prepared me for my next step in life, a professional dance career. Next season, I will be dancing with Ballet West II in Salt Lake City, and I owe a lot of it to this school. As a developing professional, OU has prepared me for life after college. This school has helped me grow artistically and technically, and has given me opportunities to collaborate with other arts disciplines. If you enjoy performing, or attending performances, or both, OU is the university for you.

There have been so many significant events I have been involved with in the College of Fine Arts. There are so many amazing people at OU. I had the opportunity to perform alongside so many of my talented friends, including dancers, musical theatre majors, and vocal performance majors. At OU, the fine arts departments collaborate often with each other. Collaboration is an opportunity other universities do not offer, and having that opportunity to work with other departments was great. I walked in a Fashion Show to raise money for scholarships for the School of Dance. I performed in the musical On The Town my sophomore year. I actually had a line. It was one word, but I got to say something haha! My freshman year, the School of Dance collaborated with the the School of Music and I performed in Don Giovanni. There are always performances to see, so you won’t be bored.

The support the College of Fine Arts receives from its patrons is remarkable. It may not seem like it, but there are people in Oklahoma who love and support the arts. It’s incredible. I was given the opportunity to tour overseas twice with the ballet company, Oklahoma Festival Ballet. We performed in Eisenstadt, Austria at the Esterhazy Palace. This is the palace where Joseph Haydn conducted his orchestra. We, as well as the OU Chorale, performed Haydn’s The Seasons there. The President of Austria was in the front row at one of the performances. A performance I will never forget. I gained so much experience and culture studying at OU and I am eternally grateful for this school. The opportunities are boundless and I highly recommend this university. I made the decision to attend the greatest university in America and I do not regret it one bit. There’s no place like OU. Boomer Sooner!

Zeek Wright
Amarillo, Texas

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