Homecoming 2015

At the University of Oklahoma, Homecoming is one of the most magical and unique times of the year. The OU community comes together to welcome current students and alumni back to campus. The 125th Anniversary of Homecoming is themed as the Reunion Weekend 2015. This campus is built on tradition and community. This week exemplifies just that. The possibilities for the 2015 homecoming are endless. One hundred and twenty five years is something to celebrate, and we are going to do it right.

During the week there are many traditions that happen on campus that keep the Homecoming spirit alive! Every facet of campus has something happening. On the South Oval there are our traditional events and on campus corner there are benefit nights as a competition between other organizations on campus. For benefit nights, the organization with the highest turn out will get extra points to their overall homecoming score and all the proceeds go to The Children’s Miracle Network through Soonerthon. The Night at the Huff offers organizations a chance to earn a spirit award. This is given to the team with the most enthusiasm through competition in different sporting events. The South Oval board competition week paints the South Oval with creativity and color. Paired organizations paint a board to prop up on the south oval that pertains to their specific theme. The next South Oval event is the sidewalk competition. This brings campus chalking to a whole new level. This is where different organizations will have a certain amount of time to create a chalk drawing on a portion of the South Oval. They are detailed and innovative and shows how talents students are.

The last events of the week are the parade and the Rah Rally. For the Rah Rally, all organizations come together and celebrate the end of the week with a dance competition, and a routine from OU Cheer & Pom. It’s a great way to get everyone pumped about the upcoming football game. Each organization participates in a dance competition where they showcase their homecoming spirit in elaborate costumes with eccentric dance moves. The event to close out the week before the big game is the Homecoming Parade. This brings students, fans and alumni together in celebration of the greatest University. The organizations that participated throughout the entire week showcase a Homecoming float that encompasses their theme. Students walk around the float and throw candy as it cruises down the campus streets. A wide variety of people and organizations participate in the parade, from Homecoming Royalty all the way to the Deans of each colleges.

Homecoming is such an incredible time on OU’s campus. I have served on Homecoming Exec since January, and it has been an incredible experience. This year exec changed the pairing process to be more inclusive and create a greater chance for all organizations to be fairly represented. Watching our exec formulate a more inclusive homecoming has made me so proud to be a Sooner. Homecoming is something that I truly believe every person on campus can participate in, one way or another. Every year Homecoming continues to build up OU’s campus and bring the community together. The energy that runs through the campus during Homecoming week encompasses what it means to be a Sooner and that is what makes Homecoming so near to my heart.

Cassidy Lutosky

Sophomore/ Secondary Education

San Diego, California

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