I think a lot of high school students have an idealized version of what college and their college friendships will be like. They will have one group of friends. They and their friends will be very similar to one another. That one group will do everything together. And so on, and so forth…

Here’s the thing. I was like that. I was ready for my one big group. But the thing is, I learned that that’s not necessarily what happens. For some people it does, to a point. But honestly, it’s not even the best option, in my opinion. The best option is making friends wherever you go.

I have friends from my hall freshman year. I have friends I met at Camp Crimson. (By the way, if you’re debating whether or not to go to Camp Crimson, go.) I have friends I met in class (yes, that’s possible). I have friends from work. I have a bunch of friends from a variety of places, and I honestly think I’m a better person for it. Read more

Computer labs, study rooms and the library will become your best friend during Dead Week and Finals Week.


As the semester winds down, I realize I have not written nearly enough for my Boomer Blog. At the beginning of the semester, I had plans to write once every other week, maybe even once a week. I promise to make it my New Year’s Resolution to write more for you all. I love this school and want to share everything I know and love about it with you.

I know you all are in high school, but you will soon be in college. And in college, finals are just around the corner. Seeing as we are currently in what us college students call “dead week,” I decided it would be a pretty good idea to give you all some tips and tricks for avoiding meltdowns of catastrophic proportions during everybody’s two least favorite weeks of college.

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10. The Seed Sower

It may just seem like a statue at first, but it’s much more than that! It greets you when you walk onto the main part of campus, the South Oval, and is one of the most recognized features of the OU campus. Just so you know, it is a statue of OU’s first president, David Ross Boyd. But all you really need to know is that it’s sometimes decorated for game days or the beginning of school, and you will see it on many pamphlets and t-shirts once you get here. It really does symbolize OU!

9. Norman/Oklahoma City

Norman really is a great place to have a college campus! It’s nice because it’s not in the city, so it’s not too crowded or overwhelming; but on the other hand, it’s not in the middle of nowhere. Pretty much anything you want on a daily basis can be found in Norman; but if you really want to go to the city, Oklahoma City is only a quick trip away. It only takes about 20 or 30 minutes to get to Bricktown, which is probably the most popular part of Oklahoma City.

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Welcome to my Boomer Blog! Seeing as its my first blog (in a series of many), I think I should go ahead and tell you a little bit about myself and my experience at OU so far. Read more

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