Some thoughts from a current student about the OU family and tradition

Finding a single yearbook page to represent the tradition of the University of Oklahoma is an intimidating task. Sitting in the floor of the Jacobson Hall Presentation Room, I delved into decades of historic picture after picture of the University, hoping to find something triumphant that stood out as the epitome of tradition. However, what I was intently searching for in a picture, I discovered in the heartfelt words of J.T. Conway, a 1906 student, in the Greeting of the 1905 yearbook which, at the time, was called “The Mistletoe”:  “Its aim is to picture life in the University as it is, to present its past in a general way and, if possible, to suggest what may be expected from it in the future. This modest volume hopes to find a warm spot in the heart of every true lover of the University.”  His hopes became a reality as the pictures and stories of The Mistletoe warmed my heart, making me feel even more connected to this extraordinary University. His hopeful words express a very unique and special tradition of our University – the tradition of family.

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