Well, it is officially my senior year. I am not sure if I have come to believe that to be true though. I am currently on my porch writing, doing homework, and listening to some of my favorite music in shorts and a sweatshirt, which is my all time favorite outfit. The weather has been absolutely beautiful this week so I have been staying outside as much as possible.

Not only do I get to wear my favorite outfit, but I have been drinking my favorite drink…pumpkin spice latte (for all you Starbucks lovers you know my excitement). But what is even more exciting than all of those things is the fact that it is 45 days until HOMECOMING.

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Simply Serving.

Big Event is OU’s largest day of community service.  Over 5,000 OU students, faculty and staff volunteer for this day of service every spring.  I have served on the Executive Committee for The Big Event for three years and am in love with it! Big Event is OU’s way of saying “thank-you” to the Norman-Oklahoma City area for the support that the area continues to show our university.  There are so many things that you can get involved with at OU, such as Campus Activities Council, University of Oklahoma Student Association (UOSA), Greek Life, or many other organizations… but  those of you who love community service will love the Big Event.

Every year, the Big Event is getting more community service locations and more volunteers. Students can do anything from picking up trash to working on home improvements for senior citizens.  I personally like working on the executive side of the committee in order to get everything ready for the big day; however if that doesn’t interest you, you can just volunteer the day of!


The majority of students at The University of Oklahoma do not know what this word means.  They have accepted it because of tradition.  Yet in fact, students are probably unaware they are following in the footsteps of thousands of Sooners before them or that they embody exactly the same energy.  Those who know anything about the word “Sooner” might wonder why we are named after those who cheated by coming into Oklahoma before the unassigned lands were officially open. But they do not realize there is so much more to the word “Sooner.”

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I know I already blogged this week, but like I said… it is finals time and I don’t have Facebook, so I need something to do with my time!

I want to take this time to talk about my mixed emotions with the semester coming to an end.

1. Fall semester of junior year coming to an end means that people are leaving.

2. I love spending time with my family, but I miss my friends over the holiday break!

3. Moving out of the house.

My junior year thus far has been absolutely wonderful.  I have gotten to do so many neat things through the university and have accomplished so many of my personal goals.  Before I say what I am planning on saying, let me say this first — I NEVER cry.  With that being said, I found myself crying while studying at the National Weather Center, not because I wasn’t going to be able to get that one A, but because spring semester is going to bring on some big challenges.

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So right now it is the Sunday before finals week…I should be studying, and well, I have been, I swear, but I needed a break!  This past Monday, I had the opportunity to go to a holiday party at President Boren’s home!  We had a lovely holiday dinner and then caroled with the Papa B; he even sang with us so it was quite fun!  This holiday party got me in the mood for break and the Christmas season!

Last week was dead week. Dead week is a week where teachers are not supposed to assign new material or have anything due that is worth a certain percentage of your grade so that you can prepare for finals week. I usually go to the library to study, but this year for finals I have been studying at the National Weather Center — it is amazing! In all actuality, I have tried to not tell many people about my love for the Weather Center so that it does not become more populated.  I have spent at least 6 hours here every day since dead week began! I have a new love for the soloist piano station on Pandora; in fact is the only thing that is holding me together this finals week! I have also spent a ton of time testing different grade scenarios.  I have checked each class to see what I have to do in order to keep my A, or to see how bad I could do to keep a B.  I have also done the math on how my grades this semester will affect my overall GPA.  This is something that I have become a pro at while at OU.

I wanted to let you all know that while dead week and finals are not my favorite things, they are indeed fun!  I have gotten to have so much bonding time with my friends.  I also learned how to rap the lyrics to a song (I can’t really rap them, but it made everyone laugh)!  I have eaten fast food at least once, if not more, a day.  7/11 is my favorite gas station because they now know my name and what I like.  The Weather Center security guards no longer check my ID and they even feel comfortable enough to ask me to bring them back food!  The not fun things that happen this week are the annoying people who see that you are intently studying and still decide that it would be okay if they “catch up” with their friends.  Also, cumulative finals are NEVER fun!

Well, I just wanted to remind all of you prospective students that if you guys ever have any questions to please ask them! I remember not knowing where to go to college during Christmas time of my senior year, but that is a great time to sit down and go over the pros and cons to each school that you are thinking about attending!  If anyone needs some pros for OU let me know because I could list about 92,578,493,752,894,629,034 million!

I am going to get back to studying!

While Fall is by far my favorite time of the year, it also happens to be one the busiest times! I am fortunate enough to be highly involved in every organization that I am passionate about, but this means that sometimes I get overwhelmed.

First, some advice for college is getting used to using a planner.  I have to have my planner with me at all times; if I don’t then I have no idea what needs to be done for that day and what commitments I have.  So BUY A PLANNER NOW so you get used to keeping up with one.

Now, like I said I love this time of year, but I am now experiencing the feeling of the end of the semester.  When you come to college you will understand this feeling, trust me.  This feeling makes me want to shut down and not do anything but watch the Harry Potter marathon on ABC Family, but I can’t do that.  Today, there is a football game, but I am skipping the last football game to catch up on life 🙁 . This past Friday I got to attend some very cool workshops facilitated by JC Penny Leadership Program–this is a program through Price College of Business.  Basically, it acts as the liaison between classes and the corporate world. At any rate, I got to go to a workshop on The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Franklin Covey, a Wall Street 101 presentation, and a Time Warner Media Presentation.  While these did take up my entire day, they were interesting and helped me to grow as a leader.  So my Friday was a workshop day; therefore, I get to spend my Saturday working on homework, Boomer Blogs, and preparing for some big interviews on Sunday.

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While it may be the holiday season, it is not quite time for the holiday cheer.  Lets be honest–holidays come every single year, but general elections don’t! Let me present the facts:

-This year we have 37 out of the 100 Senate seats up for election!

-All 435 House of Representative seats are up for election, as well!

-2/3 of young adults are registered to vote, but 3 out of 10 are NOT!

-The majority of young adults will NOT vote in the general election on November 2.

Freedom, Democracy, Justice, Equality–do these words mean anything to you?  Most likely you answered yes; therefore, you should VOTE. If you don’t vote you are letting someone decide for you, you are depending on others to make the right decision.  Additionally, if you do not vote you cannot complain about the current policies.

I should first say that I am extremely passionate about politics.  I have interned for a congressman in Norman for over a year, I spent half of my summer interning in Washington DC for the same congressman,  the last half of my summer I spent interning as a legislative correspondent for a senator in Tulsa, and to top it all off I already have been offered a position in DC for this upcoming summer!  So if that doesn’t tell you that I WILL be voting on November 2, I don’t know what will!

Voting is your civic duty.  Yes, I know I sound like a broken record, but it important and crucial.  You have a say in how the United States of America is run!  This is huge, there are people who fight to have this privilege. You have the opportunity to make a huge difference–a government run by the people for the people cannot work without the people, so VOTE!

A lot of young people say they simply don’t know enough about politics to vote.  We have this new technology called the internet, that can easily teach you about each candidate.  Simply go to google and type in the candidate’s name and you will know how they stand on major political issues!

Look people, while I secretly wish that all Democrats wouldn’t vote, my top wish is that the majority of young adults would become politically active and aware!  While I may not agree with your political beliefs, I still want you go register to vote and then to use that right to go vote!

So I will leave you with this–

1. If you are registered to vote, go here to find your polling place.

2. If you are not registered to vote, please register.

I love Cake and America!

I have found in college that I have let myself go–I realize this is something that just normally happens to women after they are older and have had kids and no longer have time for themselves.  Yet for me this is my life now.  I am over-involved, I work, and I am taking 18 hours. Needless to say that my extra curricular activities are my life.  There are days where you will not shower just to save 30 minutes in the morning.  I find myself lying in bed when my alarm goes off debating how bad my hair would look, and let’s be honest, I usually decide that showering can wait.

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This past weekend 21 of my friends and I carpooled to Dallas to enjoy a fun filled weekend for the Red River Rivalry.  All of us went to the game together and had a blast.  I got the pleasure of eating my very first corn dog and let me say that we now have a relationship that will continue at every fair for the rest of my life!  OU/TX weekend is one of my favorite weekends in the whole year.  I get the best of everything–I get football, fall weather, fair rides, smack talk with Texas fans, the West End, sharing a hotel room with 7 people, and above all fried food!  I loved nothing more than walking around the fair eating my fried cookie dough, that cost me 12 tickets, yelling “Boomer Sooner Y’all” to every Texas fan that I saw; life just doesn’t get much better than that.

When I got back to Norman on Sunday the weather was perfect-70 and sunny!  This made me want to spend the whole day outside, so my friend Lauren and I went to TG Farm where they have a pumpkin patch and we picked out “Lionel” and “Peter”, our two huge pumpkins! We then brought them back to Gamma Phi Beta, where I live, and borrowed knives and spoons to carve them.  I modeled Peter after Jack in The Nightmare Before Christmas movie and Lauren just made a cool face and then added a special touch to the back of her pumpkin–an upside down longhorn!

The fun didn’t stop there though, we then went to Lauren’s house and roasted the pumpkin seeds.  The day after OU/TX weekend should be a day of rest, but it was entirely too beautiful outside to let the day go to waste.

I signed a lease today, therefore I am officially old–and I love it!  My freshman year I lived in the dorms-which I recommend because you meet so many wonderful people!  My freshman experience would have been very different if I had chosen to live somewhere else.  This year and the year before I have lived in the sorority house, which has been amazing since I have gotten to live with 78 of my best friends.  I am never alone, seriously no matter what time of day or night there is always someone up and willing to hang out.

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