Seems like we all survived finals even though they seemed like they were going to kill us and with all the stress of finals also came the sadness that freshman year was almost over. Seeing everyone move out of the dorms was such a sad thing to experience. I think we all enjoyed our first year so much and are all sad it’s over. The day before my roommate and I moved out, we were packing up and kept repeating how we couldn’t believe we weren’t going to live in the dorm anymore and how close this year was from ending. We decided to come up with a few things that we either did or wish we did this past Freshman year.. So here they are a few FRESHMAN YEAR MUST DO’s…

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Hello future Sooners!!!

I have to tell you guys that everyone here on campus is loving the beautiful weather! I notice everyone smiling as they walk down the South Oval in shorts, a tee, and sunglasses! I think it’s safe to say that we are all excited about and have been expecting the nice spring weather! Makes going to class and walking around our beautiful campus even more enjoyable.

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It’s currently 3:33 in the morning and it is so sad that I think it is early. Here lately my life at OU has consisted of late night studying for finals… yes it’s crunch time! I have started to realize that, maybe it’s because I’m in my first semester, but I’m not really sure how to prepare at this point. I’ve been attending my classes, meeting my professors during office hours, and re-reading over my notes. Finals are difficult to describe. I feel prepared, yet I don’t! It’s an exciting feeling knowing the semester is almost over, yet frightening to think that my first college finals are here! I feel that the only thing getting me by at this point is knowing I get to go home in about a week, and start a fresh semester after that! I could not be more excited for next semester. I’ve learned so much this semester, both academically and about myself. This semester has been filled with wonderful things happening around campus… Have you heard about them?!  Read more

So, I went to my advising appointment for next semester and I cannot believe how fast time has passed! I feel so old and young at the same time. I say this because not many people know I am only 17 years old yet am considered a “sophomore” here at OU because of the amount of hours I had coming in. Everything has been so great, and it feels like I’ve been doing this “college” thing for a while, even though it’s only been 6 or so weeks. I am an International Business & Marketing major and am doing a language concentration in Spanish as well as a minor in French… How am I going to get through all that? I’m not quite sure yet, but with the support of my adviser, my parents, and my friends, I know I will… Read more

Transitioning into college has definitely been a tough thing. I can still remember my senior year in high school and stressing out over college, how my classes were going to be, and exactly what life would be like. Now that I am here, I am hoping I can share some ways to make transitioning into college a little easier for you. I will begin by telling you something you have probably heard many times before: college is all about managing time wisely. You have one hour of a class and a lot of free time that you may or may not know what to do with. Getting used to dorm life, classes, and dealing with free time can become overwhelming. Here are just a few things to keep in mind: Read more

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