So my freshman year is almost over…WOW. How did that happen? We only have five more weeks of school left and I’m sad, weird huh? You’d think I’d be excited that summer’s almost here, but it’s crazy that my first year is almost gone. I’m happy to say I’ve had amazing teachers, made so many new friends, and was very involved on campus. I’ve never felt so happy with my life. I’m excited about my future here at OU and in general. I’ll be taking summer courses and will permanently be living in Norman in my new apartment! Life is so great here, there’s always something to do and so many new things to try, and so many new people to meet! So even though my first year is almost done with, I’m even more excited for the years to come.

So PLC, President’s Leadership Class, is this organization I’m a part of that is basically an amazing ball of greatness. It’s a scholarship I was nominated for and it’s only for freshmen, usually leaders in high school.  We, 100 individuals, get together every Tuesday to discuss important topics on campus, listen to guest speakers  such as “The Bob Stoops”, have dinners with our incredible President David Boren, and pretty much have fun. In our last meeting, we were all blessed in being able to listen to Dr. George Henderson. He is a truly marvelous man who was the University’s 3rd African American faculty member, an inductee of the Oklahoma Higher Education Hall of Fame and the Oklahoma Hall of Fame. Now, I’m not saying our past guest speakers haven’t motivated me, because each has in many ways, but Dr. George Henderson’s speech really hit me hard. He inspired me to desire to make my name known on campus, to make my voice heard. He reminded me to talk to my professors, do extra work, offer extra help, write a letter instead of email, to be the best person I can be. Thank you Dr. Henderson, thank you PLC for the opportunity to meet him, thank you OU for the opportunity to be the best me.

So as finals are on everyone’s minds, eggnog and ornaments are on mine. Knowing that a month of pure family, fun, and relaxation is two weeks away is killing me, but luckily, I have supportive friends to remind me that I have to focus just a little bit longer. Honestly, I know I can get through my finals easy because my teachers are so amazing, they really have all made me feel blessed, but I have this procrastination problem. It got out of hand for a while but I got over it, then… it began to come back, haha. Like I said, my friends are amazing and have pushed me to just focus and to relax. They silence my iphone, which is about 15 distractions in itself, and log me out of facebook. It’s really helped and I encourage everyone to just try it. I notice so much more that’s going on, and I’ve actually started to finish homework way before it’s even due. Plus, I’m getting my beauty sleep! Finally!

On my way to the Union, I ran into Fall. Our campus has been sun kissed with florals that radiate a cozy fall feeling. It’s an absolutely beautiful vision, and happens to be my favorite season!

Fall on our campus

Fall on our campus.

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