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Basic Web Accessibility in 10 Quick Tips
Working with departments on web content and CMS training, I am constantly preaching the importance of web accessibility. I know how to make content more accessible and why, but explaining the importance to our web authors can be difficult, until the (More)
Writer's Block
What do you do when you get writer's block? Or maybe that should be more accurately described as "media producer's block". It's hard to produce fresh, interesting content every day, especially if things are slow around campus! Here are a few thing (More)
WebComm Writes Articles!
WebComm has been busy lately trying some new things! We've started writing articles about the different aspects of life at OU, and have even recently expanded the content team to include a student writing intern. Here are the articles we've writte (More)
Behind the Scenes: ou.edu redesign
After many months of research, development, writing, information architecture and design, we are finally ready to launch a brand new ou.edu. More)
Edu Web 2.0
This summer a few Web Comm-ers ventured to the Edu Web Conference in Boston, MA. You may remember our post from More)
Better Mobile Photos in a Snap
    I'm pretty picky about what apps make it on my phone, and I'm usually a word-of-mouth app downloader. Being a stones throw away from Starbucks, Web Comm is a frequent customer. We probably keep them in business during the summe (More)
Building a Content Strategy in Higher Ed
It's painful. I'm not going to lie. But once you dive into some juicy content books that give you advice and resources, it actually turns into a mega-organizing opportunity. And I LOVE organizing. The books that have been keeping me up late at nig (More)

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