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ESPN College Gameday + OU Foursquare = Lee Corso T-shirts
No. 5 Notre Dame and No. 8 OU went head to head this past weekend. To add to the pre-game excitement, ESPN College Gameday set up shop on the campus South Oval for the first time in four years. Campus was buzzing with cameras, ESPN celebrities and... (More)
Ashley the Ambassador
Meet Ashley West! She is the first OU foursquare Campus Ambassador. What does that mean, exactly? She's here to tell you! Major, Year, Hometown: (More)
How to Make a Successful Campus foursquare Campaign
Web Comm launched the #OU4SQ Check In and Win Foursquare Giveaway a couple of weeks before school ended this spring semester. This was our fi (More)
Better Mobile Photos in a Snap
    I'm pretty picky about what apps make it on my phone, and I'm usually a word-of-mouth app downloader. Being a stones throw away from Starbucks, Web Comm is a frequent customer. We probably keep them in business during the summe (More)
#OU4SQ Giveaway Kicks Off
After the release of our snazzy new Foursquare Boomer badge, we had to do something fun to get students out there checking in on campus. Introducin (More)
Are You a Fan?
True Sooners fans can now prove their undying love to OU! IT'S HERE! The Boomer Badge made its debut today on Foursquare. What's so great about Foursquare you ask? Well, we are (More)
Help Us Win!
We know Sooner fans are some of the best in the world, we want to prove it! The Shorty Awards is one of the premiere social media awards and @uofoklahoma is in the running! The Shorty Awards recognize sh (More)

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