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Friday Five: Depth of Field
Friday Five: Depth of Field This week we\'ll be talking about depth of field (DOF) and taking a look at 5 (or so) images that\'ll help us understand this vital aspect of photography. Don\'t forget, these photos and more are available to you in all (More)
Saturday 6: 6 Things from #eduweb15 Photographers Should Take Note Of
This past week some of the WebComm team flew to Chicago to attend this year\'s eduWeb conference. While it wasn’t chock-full of photography-related presentations, that’s not to say I didn’t learn anything. In fact, the conference helped me gain a mor (More)
Friday 5: Shooting With an iPhone
There are three cameras in my life: my hardy Nikon D7100 that\'s traveled with me all over the globe, the superior Canon 5D MkIII that I use around campus, and then there\'s my iPhone. That\'s right, I said \"iPhone,\" because, believe it or not, (More)
Friday 5: Black and White Photography
There are so many things that could be said about black and white photography. We could get into the history of how images were once captured with only B&W, the styles and techniques that are most commonly used with B&W, and then there’s abou (More)
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