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McDouble the Words
Sooner Discovery has been a great experience. The adjective “great” implies so much the actual experience of Sooner Discovery. Whether it might have been the late night study times, late night board games, early morning Yoga, Monday afternoon Zumba, (More)
why Sooner Discovery is the new sliced bread
  FOOD The meal plan is AWESOME. Qdoba, Einstein Bagels and the never-ending salad bar at the cafeteria; can it get better than that? As a senior, I cherish my meal plan like I would a firstborn child. It. Is. Superb.     (More)
A New Sensei in Town
Everyone knows the classic story of Karate Kid (or most do). Some random kid meets Mr.Miyagi and becomes a karate legend, through some trials along the way. Classic “teacher-meets-rough-kid-teaches-him-discipline” type of thing. Coming into Sooner (More)
Lessons a Campfire Taught Me
Have you ever spent an afternoon constructing a 3-foot tall tower of flames out of styrofoam, tissue paper, and hot glue? If you answered no, then I\'d say you\'re missing out. I was lucky enough to be one of the Discovery Guides that got to plan (More)
Discovering Oklahoma City
It’s funny. You can live in Oklahoma City, or anywhere for that matter, for your whole life and never fully experience all it has to offer. After completing my first year of college, I have been enlightened again and again by new friends from all ove (More)
Sooners Discovering America’s Favorite Pastime
Let me assert from the very start here that I am in no way a “sports guy”. Despite my dad’s best interests and my earnest attempts at being at least somewhat decent in any athletic pursuit whatsoever, my efforts have always been fruitless. In fact, i (More)
The Discovery That They Want to Be Sooners
      “The Spirit of Learning is a Lasting Frontier.”   This quote can be seen at OU’s Bizzell Memorial Library and fully encompassed in the University of Oklahoma’s new summer program – Sooner Discovery.   (More)
Beyond the Books
The goals we set at the beginning of the Sooner Discovery program related a lot to the students’ academic success with concurrent enrollment. But we also wanted to set social goals, worrying that our students were going to be cooped in their rooms st (More)
Self-discovery: better Sooner than later
Learning is hard. Not just learning new material in class, or learning a new skill; learning how to navigate a new space, learning how to connect to others, learning how to learn – learning, at all, is hard. But it is so worth it. Learning is how we (More)
Hanging OUt (the U is not a typo)
I’ve had so much fun hanging out with our Sooner Discovery students; in fact, if I had to pick a favorite part of the whole time here, it’s been just “hanging out.” It doesn’t sound super profound or important at first, but I think the exact opposite (More)
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