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How to Use Instagram Live to Build Your Brand
In a world where visual content reigns supreme, Instagram is a stand-out platform for content marketing. It has garnered over 500 million monthly users and captivated the highly coveted Millennial audience. With humble origins as a photo-sharing app, (More)
Why I shoot with Fuji's X100T.
Why I Shoot With Fuji's X100T. I love working at WebComm. There's the creative environment, lively campus atmosphere, restaurants for days and, of course, I get to shoot with some of the best gear around!  It’s been a humbling experience to (More)
When You Marry Your Job
Walking into the WebComm for my first day as the new Content Specialist kind of felt like getting married again. Starting a new job isn’t exactly on (More)
Friday 5: Cinemagraphs
After a short hiatus, Friday 5 is back, and this week we're looking at my newest obsession...cinemagraphs. Relatively uncommon but gaining popularity, cinemagraphs combine both photos and video to give the impression of a moving image (think the < (More)
What Gamedays Look Like for #TeamWebComm
For most of the 85,000+ Sooner faithful, OU Gamedays are a sacred Saturday tradition held in the highest esteem. For me, OU Gamedays are another day of work. Granted, not like your typical day job at a desk - but still, this is my job so it’s a m (More)
How to Choose the Right Major and Land the Perfect Job after College
I'm going to start this off by saying I have absolutely no qualification to tell you if you're in the right major or not beyond experience as a long-time manager of young professionals and someone who has hired a lot of recent graduates. We have a wo (More)
Guest Blog: How to Create a Successful Social Scavenger Hunt
At Emory University (in Atlanta, GA) we have a sort of unofficial mascot named \"Lord Dooley.\" He\'s the Spirit of Emory, showing up at student-run events with an entourage dress (More)
Sunday 7: 7 Photo Apps On My Phone Right Now
While I wasn\'t able to get to the Friday 5 on time, I lucked out on Sunday and Seven being an alliteration. So, better late than never, let\'s take a quick look at just a few of the photo-related apps on my iPhone right now. 1. Snapseed More)
Friday 5: 5 Things You Should Know About Instagram
If you\'re anything like me, this past Thursday was pretty spectacular. Not only did we get a few seconds of new footage from Sta (More)
Hello everybody, Mason here. I\'m a new member of the Web Comm team, well, sort of new, I\'ve been here for two months. You might recognize the name from a brief (More)
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