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Internship Spotlight: Hunter Gross
AME students may opt to take on an internship for their graduate certificate. Hunter Gross is in his fourth year at the University of Oklahoma pursuing a Bachelor of Music with a Percussion emphasis. Where did you intern? During Summer 2019, (More)
Summer with Sarah: Studying Abroad and an Internship
Sarah Zink is a petroleum engineering senior. She also serves as the President of the OU Student Chapter of the Society of Petroleum Engineers. Here is her account of her time in Madrid, Spain and coming back to an internship with XTO Energy. More)
Summer in Pittsburg
This post was written by Nate Johnson, a student in the 5-year Accelerated PE/MBA program. Nate also serves as Vice-President of the OU Student Chapter of the Society of Petroleum Engineers. This blog is about his summer in Pittsburg with EQT - which (More)
Summer of a Subsea Engineering Intern
This post was written by Kate Oransky, a Petroleum Engineering Junior. Kate is also serving as secretary of the OU Student Chapter of the Society of Petroleum Engineers. This is a little about her internship experience with BP this summer. A cubic (More)
Career Services Profiles | Joe Daves
Readers, Meet Joe. Joe, Meet Readers. Michael F. Price College of Business  Joe Daves serves on the Career Advisement team in Career Services as an Assistant Director. A stap (More)
OU Students Killing the Intern Game
University of Oklahoma students are interning all over the country this summer. We asked students to tell us about their awesome summer internship experiences and what they are learning this summer. Check out some of the submissions below: More)
No Pressure: From Dream Internship to Dream Job
I began the spring semester of my junior year with two goals: 1) pass my classes, and 2) get an internship at an advertising agency. The former was pretty obvious; however, the latter possessed a special kind of pressure that has been growing greater (More)
You've Graduated - What's Next?
You survived your college years and now you must decide what you want to do with your future. What are your plans? Are you considering graduate school? Are you seeking work? If you are seeking a specific job, then you need to conduct a specific job (More)
10 Ways to Thrive During Your Summer Internship
A summer internship can be a great way to get a jump start on building your network and gaining some great practical experience in your field. No matter your career aspirations, chances are there is an internship-type experience you can participate i (More)
Undergraduates Awarded Blue Waters Internship
The National Center for Supercomputing Applications Blue Waters project, in collaboration with the More)
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