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New Media Consortium 2013
Recently, part of the Web Communications team was able to visit the New Media Consortium conference in South Carolina, just in time to enjoy a tropical storm! The NMC is a group of educators, technologists, and visionaries all centered around improvi (More)
Basic Web Accessibility in 10 Quick Tips
Working with departments on web content and CMS training, I am constantly preaching the importance of web accessibility. I know how to make content more accessible and why, but explaining the importance to our web authors can be difficult, until the (More)
WebComm Writes Articles!
WebComm has been busy lately trying some new things! We've started writing articles about the different aspects of life at OU, and have even recently expanded the content team to include a student writing intern. Here are the articles we've writte (More)
Ashley the Ambassador
Meet Ashley West! She is the first OU foursquare Campus Ambassador. What does that mean, exactly? She's here to tell you! Major, Year, Hometown: (More)
Closed Captioning: YouTube
Closed captioning, theoretically, isn't very difficult. However, when you are first starting out it feels a little overwhelming. What service do you use? How do you upload? Export? Import? I'm already feeling stressed out. This blog post will open (More)
Facebook Timeline Launch
March 30 is right around the corner, and with it, Facebook's newest evolution of the fan page. Web Comm has already updated More)
OU's Social Media Directory
It's been a long time coming, but with the help of our developer Libby and our intern More)
Help Us Win!
We know Sooner fans are some of the best in the world, we want to prove it! The Shorty Awards is one of the premiere social media awards and @uofoklahoma is in the running! The Shorty Awards recognize sh (More)

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