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Friday 5: Cinemagraphs
After a short hiatus, Friday 5 is back, and this week we're looking at my newest obsession...cinemagraphs. Relatively uncommon but gaining popularity, cinemagraphs combine both photos and video to give the impression of a moving image (think the < (More)
My relationship with woodworking began much like anyone else’s with the discovery of the pile of sawdust underneath my dad’s table saw. It was awesome. I helped my dad with his projects by nailing random nails I found on the ground into a scrap piece (More)
Join #TeamWebComm as a Photographer!
#TeamWebComm is on the lookout for a dynamic photographer to shoot campus life and events, portraits and photo stories as part of our web marketing team. The university photogra (More)
Hello world! This is my first time posting for OU WebComm and I think I\'ve come up with a great idea. We all need a little inspiration in order to create, influence and sometimes just make it through the day. I thought it would be a great idea (More)
OU Image Library Showcases Best of OU
Hey there! We\'re really excited here at #TeamWebComm because we launched a whole new way for OU faculty, staff and students to find OU photos for (More)
Writer's Block
What do you do when you get writer's block? Or maybe that should be more accurately described as "media producer's block". It's hard to produce fresh, interesting content every day, especially if things are slow around campus! Here are a few thing (More)
Instagram Tips & Tricks
Instagram is one of my favorite ways of posting photos on Facebook for two reasons. Reason 1: Facebook seemlessly integrates your Instagram post into your timeline. No funny cropped photos, or repositioning needed! Reason 2: It's an easy way to (More)
Better Mobile Photos in a Snap
    I'm pretty picky about what apps make it on my phone, and I'm usually a word-of-mouth app downloader. Being a stones throw away from Starbucks, Web Comm is a frequent customer. We probably keep them in business during the summe (More)
Link Dropping: Gazelle
On a temporary (read: this week) hiatus courtesy of some school-related issues this week, but I thought I'd pop in to offer a site I ran across recently: Gazelle. It's never easy to offloa (More)

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