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Romania Wrap-Up
This post is a day-by-day breakdown of the Summer 2017 Romania Study Abroad trip led by Dr. Catalin Teodoriu. The summary of the days and the pictures in the post were all written and taken by students in the program. This should provide an accurate (More)
Study Abroad: Romania
This summer I went to Romania and took the Monitoring, Diagnosis and Maintenance of Drilling Equipment, a class taught by Dr. Catalin Teodoriu. The most notable parts of the trip were the company and site visits, the class set-up and the cultural asp (More)
Romania: The End
Eric Noguez wraps up our journey to Romania by telling us about their last day of class and the wonderful feast they had at Dr. Teodoriu's house. I wonder if he would be willing to cater the next MPGE function? On our final day of class, we began (More)
Romania: A Weekend at the Black Sea
Amanda Knaup tells us about the groups visit to the Black Sea. You may notice an additional person in the pictures. That is Adonis Ichim, one of Teodoriu's graduate students who met up with the group while presenting with Dr. Teodoriu at the conferen (More)
Romania: Day 5
As reported to the editor by Jerry Lessley: Before attending their classroom lectures for the day, the group visited the university's drilling simulator where they learned to operate a rig's control panels and how to handle a gas kick. They also o (More)
Romania: June 17-20
Our students have returned from their conference by the Black Sea, and have provided us with some wonderful reports and photos on their cultural activities in addition to their coursework. Alex Romanyuk tells us: Today (June 17) we visited the (More)
Romania: June 16
Today's update is by Erik Noguez: Today we visited with two company representatives from Timken, a company that specializes in making bearings for a wide range of industries including oil and gas. The representatives explained the products they of (More)
Romania: A Report from the Black Sea
Faculty sponsor, Catalin Teodoriu, and graduate student Adonis Ichim brought the group to the FOREN2016 conference, which is the annual meeting of the Romanian National Committee of World Energy (More)
Update on Romania
For those of you who have been following our course in Romania, the students are currently attending a conference at the Black Sea, but have promised to provide us with extra blog entries and photos when they return. (More)
Romania: Day 4
Today's contributor is Alex Romanyuk: We started early today, driving to the neighboring town of Negoiesti, to visit two service companies. Local industry professionals met us at (More)
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