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Sooner Off-Road Team Has Their Most Successful Year
Since 2010, Sooner Off-Road has engineered a vehicle at the University of Oklahoma. Every year they design, manufacture, and compete with a Baja SAE vehicle. Baja SAE consists of three competitions that simulate real-world engineering projects and th (More)
Boomer Rocket Team and Sooner Off-Road Begin Their Thousands Strong Campaigns!
This month, Boomer Rocket Team and Sooner Off-Road kicked off their Thousands Strong Campaigns! These student teams want your support to help them get to competition. Sooner Off-Road is a student team that designs, manufactures, and races an off-roa (More)
Giving Day Results are in!
AME raised $10,809 on OU Giving Day, which took place on September 10, 2019. All donations went towards the More)
Sooner Off-Road Receives Successful Competition Results
On May 16, the Sooner Off-Road team traveled to California for the Baja SAE competition. In the competition, engineering students were tasked (More)
Shell Fall Festival Gives Students an Opportunity to Get Involved in AME Organizations
Shell Fall Festival occurred in the engineering quad on August 23 where new and returning students had the opportunity to learn about several student organizations. Students also (More)
Sooner Off-Road Participates in Midnight Mayhem Competition
On September 21, Sooner Off-Road participated in the Midnight Mayhem competition at the Drop Forge Proving Grounds at the University of Louisville. They competed again (More)
Student Team Updates
SOONER OFF-ROAD TEAM On May 16, the Sooner Off-Road team traveled to California for the More)

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