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MPGE Participates in Big Event
Each year, the University of Oklahoma campus comes together to take part in the Big Event, a day set aside to give back to our community through service. This year, OU SPE and faculty and staff from the Mewbourne College of Earth and Energy volunteer (More)
OU Places at Regional Paper Contest
SPE Mid-Continent North America Region held their annual Regional Student Paper Contest in Richardson, Tex. on Saturday, April 8, where students from five universities presented their papers before a panel of judges to see who would advance to the in (More)
Students Engage with SPE OKC
SPE Oklahoma City section provides various opportunities for students to attend monthly technical talks at reduced rate. These talks often involve Subject Matter Experts and SPE Distinguished lecturers. The section also has specialized study groups o (More)
OU SPE Named Outstanding Student Chapter
Congratulations to OU SPE for being selected to receive the 2016 Outstanding Student Chapter Award form SPE International. This prestigious award recognizes SPE student chapters with exceptional programming in industry engagement, operations and plan (More)
2016 Student Awards Night
On Thursday, April 21, MPGE faculty and students stepped out of theirs and took a break from their studies to come together and celebrate student achievement during the annual Student Awards Night. Held in the beautiful Cheseapeake Stadium Club overl (More)
10th Annual Crawfish Boil Hosted by OU SPE
Following another successful Relay for Life, OU SPE celebrated with another tradition, the annual crawfish boil. This year's event, held on the Brian and Sandra O'Brien Plaza of Sarkeys Energy Center, was co-hosted by Baker Hughes whose team tireless (More)
Students Helping Students
To help prepare freshman for the PE 2011: Introduction to Petroleum Engineering Systems final, OU SPE Freshman Liaisons hosted a study session at the dorms. Course TA's Wes Herron and Yang Zhou were there to help students to review and answer questio (More)
Sooners Abroad
During Spring Break, MPGE Associate Professor Catalin Teodoriu visited Clausthal University of Technology (TUC) in Germany, where he had previously served head of Drilling Technology, Completio (More)
SPE Regional Paper Contest
On Saturday, March 5, MPGE students competed at the SPE Mid-Continent North America Student Paper Contest held on the the campus of Missouri University of Science and Technology in Rolla, Mo. MPGE Associate Professor Catalin Teodoriu and Assistant Pr (More)
SPE and WPGE Hold Elections
Vital to student life within MPGE are our student organizations. They provide key programing to engage and support their peers such as providing tutoring, mentoring, opportunities to attend presentations and meet with industry professionals and socia (More)
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