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OU Places at Regional Paper Contest
SPE Mid-Continent North America Region held their annual Regional Student Paper Contest in Richardson, Tex. on Saturday, April 8, where students from five universities presented their papers before a panel of judges to see who would advance to the in (More)
MPGE Undergrad Receives Research Award
MPGE undergraduate student Rodrigo Rivera Reyes is recipient of an Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP) grant from OU Honors College. The program offers financial assistance for scholarly and creative projects under the mentorship of a f (More)
MPGE PhD Student Chosen as Guest Editor
The Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering has named Bin Yuan, a Ph.D. student studying under MPGE assistant professor Rouzbeh Moghanloo, to serve as guest editor of their special issue, Formation Damage During Enhanced Gas and Liquid Recover (More)
2016 Student Awards Night
On Thursday, April 21, MPGE faculty and students stepped out of theirs and took a break from their studies to come together and celebrate student achievement during the annual Student Awards Night. Held in the beautiful Cheseapeake Stadium Club overl (More)
SPE Regional Paper Contest
On Saturday, March 5, MPGE students competed at the SPE Mid-Continent North America Student Paper Contest held on the the campus of Missouri University of Science and Technology in Rolla, Mo. MPGE Associate Professor Catalin Teodoriu and Assistant Pr (More)
SPE and WPGE Hold Elections
Vital to student life within MPGE are our student organizations. They provide key programing to engage and support their peers such as providing tutoring, mentoring, opportunities to attend presentations and meet with industry professionals and socia (More)
Hajirezaie Takes 2nd in Student Research Competition
MPGE Master's student, Sassan Hajirezaie, placed 2nd in the engineering category of the 2016 Student Research and Creativity Day hosted by OU's Graduate College. With over sixty-five entries, this year's SRCD was a huge success in showcasing the broa (More)
OU Intramural Basketball Champions: OU SPE
OU SPE's Intramural Men's Basketball team, Team Weichman, placed first in the campus-wide championship. The team consists of: Andy Wiechman, Sid Bagawandoss, Alex Bradley, Colby Moore, Nick Schelbar, Evan Drake, Gabe Bonzie, DJ Eaton and Brandon Mill (More)
1st Annual OU SPE Graduate Student Paper Contest Held
On Saturday, February 6, OU SPE held its first Graduate Student Paper Contest in Sarkeys Energy Center. Twenty students participated from both the master's and Ph.D. programs. MPGE faculty Deepak Devegowda, Siddarth Misra, Rouzbeh Moghanloo, and Saee (More)
OU SPE Co-hosts SPE Student Symposium
February 4-6 OU SPE, along with the University of Texas at Austin, co-hosted the 5th annual SPE Student Symposium in Houston, TX. The theme, The Road to U.S. Oil and Gas Independence, focused on the challe (More)
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