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2020 Romania Study Abroad Trip Blog: Day 7
January 10 Shop tours and museums and classes, oh my! We have so much to see and do on this trip but only so much time to do it. So, today was jam-packed from start to finish to make sure we didn’t miss out on any learning opportunity, whether it (More)
2020 Romania Study Abroad Trip Blog: Day 6
January 9, 2019 In today’s report, Josh Dubiel tells us of another day filled with great food, lots of learning, and exploring the area. Luckily after class we had the help of a local friend to take us to a local hotspot for some quality dinner an (More)
2020 Romania Study Abroad Blog: Day 1
January 4 As the trip begins, students Austin Keys and Taylor Vincent share about the first full day in Romania. The day was spent visiting cultural landmarks, learning a bit about Romanian history, and, of course, indulging in the local cuisine. (More)
2020 Romania Study Abroad Trip Blog: Day 5
January 8 Today we learned both in and outside of the classroom. Before class we visited the Petroleum Museum to learn a bit about Romania’s history in the oil and gas industry, and after class we were able to learn more about Dr. Teodoriu’s famil (More)
2020 Romania Study Abroad Trip Blog: Day 2
January 5, 2020 Below, Josh Dubiel and Mark Powers have documented our trip to Bucharest, which was the first city in the world to be lit using kerosene (petroleum distillate) lamps back in 1857. While Bucharest has a long, interesting history, th (More)
2020 Romania Study Abroad Trip Blog: Day 3
January 6, 2020 As Katelyn Ashcraft explains, today the learning took place in a classroom rather than out in the city. As she says, we met local students and faculty, performed some tests in a campus lab, and had an introductory lecture from Dr. (More)
2020 Romania Study Abroad Trip Blog: Day 4
January 7 As Ana Esteban explains below, today was spent exploring the university and learning about optimizing connections. There’s one thing we didn’t need Dr. Teodoriu to teach us however: there’s nothing like warm, homemade donuts on a cold wi (More)
Landscapes of Deep Time in the Red Earth of France: Research Training in Paleoclimate
This post originally appeared in the Summer 2018 edition of Earth Scientist. To see more from Earth Scientist, head over the the School of Geology & Geophysics.     D (More)
Spain Study Abroad, Week 1
This summer, groups of Mewbourne College students are learning in locations across the globe! Keep up with them every week here and follow them on social media under the h (More)
MPGE Welcomed Visiting Delegates from China University of Petroleum
A group of professors and officials from China University of Petroleum (East China) visited MPGE on Feb. 25. The visiting delegates included Prof. Chengyan Lin (Dean of School of Geoscience), Prof. Baojing Sun (Dean of School of Petroleum Enginee (More)
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