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Romania: June 16
Today's update is by Erik Noguez: Today we visited with two company representatives from Timken, a company that specializes in making bearings for a wide range of industries including oil and gas. The representatives explained the products they of (More)
Romania: A Report from the Black Sea
Faculty sponsor, Catalin Teodoriu, and graduate student Adonis Ichim brought the group to the FOREN2016 conference, which is the annual meeting of the Romanian National Committee of World Energy (More)
Update on Romania
For those of you who have been following our course in Romania, the students are currently attending a conference at the Black Sea, but have promised to provide us with extra blog entries and photos when they return. (More)
Romania: Day 4
Today's contributor is Alex Romanyuk: We started early today, driving to the neighboring town of Negoiesti, to visit two service companies. Local industry professionals met us at (More)
Romania: Day 3
Throughout their time in Romania, students are required to write about their experiences that day. Today's narration comes from Erik Noguez: Today we started class by visiting the material sciences laboratory to have a better understanding of how (More)
Romania 2016: Day 2
Today the students visited the welding lab at the university, and learned how the industry performs face-hardening processes and detects cracks in metal components. Romanian faculty, with the help of Dr. Teodoriu as translator, presented the differen (More)
MPGE Heads to Romania
As part of OU's commitment to preparing students to operate in our global society through international learning, MPGE has launched its newest study-abroad course under the direction of Associate Professor Catalin Teodoriu. This week, a group of OU p (More)
MPGE Students Discover the Wonders of Peru
In May 2015, Profs. Deepak Devegowda and Xingru Wu traveled to Lima, Peru with a group of 20 MPGE students led by Yoana Walschap, MCEE Study Abroad Liaison, and one extra coordinator, Naïla Williams. The two electives courses, Improved Recovery Techn (More)
Around the world in 90 minutes...
Around the world in 90 minutes...Impossible? No. Astronauts do it all the time. Us normal people? Maybe a little more difficult. Until now. L (More)
The need for a friend
Moving to a new country is fraught with uncertainty and unexpected requirements. Sometimes, that means more headaches and frustrations than one ever wants in a lifetime. Like when you have money, but no way to access it. Or when you have a visa, but (More)
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