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Filling the Gaps with Snapchat
Welcome!  I’m Cameron Morgan and I’m an intern with OU Web Communications. This is my first blog post here and I am pumped about it! Where to begin… Well, let’s start with what I do for OU: SNAPCHAT. More)
Basic Web Accessibility in 10 Quick Tips
Working with departments on web content and CMS training, I am constantly preaching the importance of web accessibility. I know how to make content more accessible and why, but explaining the importance to our web authors can be difficult, until the (More)
Marketing Our University
I remember when I was interviewing to join the Web Comm team to work on iTunes U, one question they asked me, as many employers do, was “Why do you want this job?” I responded, “You want to pay me to tell people how awesome The University of Oklahoma (More)
Digital Engagement
The transformation of Netflix has been interesting to watch. They started streaming TV episodes and movies over the Internet in 2007 but have since become one of the largest distributers of online TV and movies. They have muscled their way into the d (More)
Ashley the Ambassador
Meet Ashley West! She is the first OU foursquare Campus Ambassador. What does that mean, exactly? She's here to tell you! Major, Year, Hometown: (More)
Edu Web 2.0
This summer a few Web Comm-ers ventured to the Edu Web Conference in Boston, MA. You may remember our post from More)
How to Make a Successful Campus foursquare Campaign
Web Comm launched the #OU4SQ Check In and Win Foursquare Giveaway a couple of weeks before school ended this spring semester. This was our fi (More)
Better Mobile Photos in a Snap
    I'm pretty picky about what apps make it on my phone, and I'm usually a word-of-mouth app downloader. Being a stones throw away from Starbucks, Web Comm is a frequent customer. We probably keep them in business during the summe (More)
#OU4SQ Giveaway Kicks Off
After the release of our snazzy new Foursquare Boomer badge, we had to do something fun to get students out there checking in on campus. Introducin (More)
Web Accessibility in the CMS
Web accessibility is important.  Besides the fact that it is a federal requirement, you never want to limit your audience.  Taking the proper steps to ensure that you do not exclude anyone with a disability from being able to access your website woul (More)
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