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NEW Calendar (Wahoo!!)
Hi pals! We have some BIG news. It has been a long time coming. But that time is finally here. We have a new calendar (YAY!!!). NOTE: This calendar is for ALL OU departments (both those in/not in the CMS). We have been working with a new cal (More)
Office 365 and CMS User Groups
Hi CMS friends! We have been informed by some CMS users of a new issue they are experiencing, so I thought it only appropriate to use my love of GIFs to explain the issue and how we can help. Have you and/or your department friends recently bee (More)
A New Frontier: Launching OU's Spanish Facebook Page
¡Bienvenidos a Universidad de Oklahoma!  Welcome to The University of Oklahoma! After months of talks between many departments & Web Communications, we finally announced the new More)
CMS Office Hours Return: January 20, 2016
Hi everyone! Welcome back, I hope you had a lovely and relaxing break! Now that we are back, I know you all are hard at work to update your sites. And I am here to help you! In an effort to help you more effectively in 2016, we are r (More)
CMS Office Hours
Hi all my CMS pals! With the holidays, we will be canceling office hours this Wednesday, December 23. Office hours will resume on Wednesday, January 20, but will have a slightly different format. Stay tuned for details! Wishing you all a happy (More)
Website Digital Assets as Told By Friends
Hi pals! As the year comes to an end and we work feverishly to update all of our websites in the content management system, I wanted to send a reminder about our files in the digital assets manager (DAM). I will use our six favorite friends to hel (More)
Behind the Scenes: ou.edu redesign
After many months of research, development, writing, information architecture and design, we are finally ready to launch a brand new ou.edu. More)

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