OU Integrated Marketing – April 2016


Happy Spring! We’re all busy gearing up for Commencement, Graduation and – at long last – SUMMER! April and the beginning of May are full of fun content opportunities…and some predicted severe weather. We have all the info below:   Severe Weather In Oklahoma we know it and some love it. Severe weather season is […]

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Bye Bye Brandt Playlist: An Homage to Our Music-Loving Web Marketing Manager

Bye Bye Brandt

This week we’re wishing our web marketing manager Brandt Smith farewell as he embarks on a new professional journey. He’s off to be the director of the University of Oklahoma’s Fabrication Lab. Expect some blog posts from Brandt in the future as he shares his marketing efforts from the Fab Lab (surprise, Brandt!). Anyway, through […]

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New Calendar is LIVE!


Hi friends, Good news, the new calendar is live and we are ready to start creating departmental calendars! All existing calendars from the CMS have been migrated and placed on websites (YAY!). To view the full campus calendar, visit calendar.ou.edu, or to see what it looks like in practice on department sites, visit ou.edu/education, ou.edu/fjjma, […]

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5 Keys to Growing Your Online Brand as told by DJ Khaled


MAJOR 🔑 ALERT: All you need to know about social media success can be found in DJ Khaled’s 10 second Snapchat videos. His daily 🔑s to success have easily became 2016’s favorite fad and after hours of binge watching his “greatest hits” on YouTube, I realized the cocoa-butter-obsessed, towel-wearing rapper has provided social media marketers with […]

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