Friday 5: Clouds


It’s almost game day, and you can feel the excitement across campus. Tents are getting set up, roads are being closed, classes are done for the week, and in about 24 hours I’ll be on the sideline for the first time. Typically, I would have a more in-depth post about some specific aspect of photography, but because of all the […]

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#TeamWebComm Trivia 1.14

#TeamWebComm Trivia

Each week we’ll take a closer look at the humans who make up The University of Oklahoma’s Office of Web Communication, Marketing and New Media (#TeamWebComm). This week’s question is: Who would play you in a movie about your life? Here are our answers: Erin Yarbrough, associate vice president: Reese Witherspoon. (She’s Erin’s spirit celebrity.)   Tom Ashley, financial […]

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Friday 5: 5 Things You Should Know About Instagram


If you’re anything like me, this past Thursday was pretty spectacular. Not only did we get a few seconds of new footage from Star Wars Episode 7, but Instagram updated their app to enable landscape and portrait sized pictures and videos! WHAAAAAAT? That’s right, and it’s long over due. Ever since the beginning of Instagram’s 1×1 reign of […]

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How Playing Roller Derby Made Me a Better Social Media Marketer


By day, I’m Candace Timmons, OU’s social media marketing manager, formulating strategy, creating content and distributing it to our three major audiences via our official social media accounts. But by night, I’m InstaSLAM, #84, for the Oklahoma Victory Dolls Roller Derby (OKVD) league. Before I continue, if you aren’t familiar with the modern game of […]

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What Higher Ed Marketers Can Learn From the Hillary Clinton Campaign


We’re going to talk politics for a sec — well, sort of. Hear me out: I’ve been blown away by the Hillary for America web presence, Hillary Clinton’s social media team and their efforts to get the millennial vote. Because it’s clear: They’re gunning for it. As higher ed marketers, we’ve got a pretty similar audience, don’t you think? […]

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