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Before you begin search engine optimization (SEO), you’ll want to make some baseline observations so that you can see if your effort is worth it. Here are some great tools to help you create a snapshot of your site before you make changes and then monthly after changes are made to see if things improve (and how quickly they do).

Fair warning: This isn’t sponsored by Google, they just have a lot of free tools 😉

  • Google Webmaster Central: This little toolbox of usefulness is pretty cool. Find out what keywords are used most to find your site, how often Google “crawls” your site and submit a sitemap.
    (contact us if you need help setting this up for a site in the CMS)
  • Google Analytics: Hmm – I don’t even know what to say about this little gem. It’s free, gives you a very in-depth look in to your visitors (time on site, location, browser + more) and presents everything in beautiful graphs. Oh yes, graphs and charts can be beautiful.
  • Google Page Rank: This nifty little piece of the Google Toolbar tells you basically how important Google sees your site. A lot of things go in to this ranking such as links to your site from other sites, how often you update content, page titles, etc. Basically, your page rank should improve as you go through the SEO steps we talk about later.
  • After you come up with your list of keywords to optimize your site for (more on this later), search for each keyword. Note if your site appears in the first 2 pages for each keyword, and if so, what position (i.e. when I search Oklahoma, the OU home page appears at #6 on the 1st page)

We’ll go in to more detail later about how to create a list of keywords, but here is an SEO how-to we’ve created for campus. Download tips and tricks for optimization (created specifically for OU)

10 thoughts on “Before SEO

  1. I do to use SEO Spyglass and it works find. The tools I used in the begining was Info product Killer. It learned me how to build up my sites and it really works. A great tool fora newbie like me .-)

  2. I’ve tried a couple different SEO tools… Using the free edition of SEO Spyglass, as well as Scrapebox. Not sure which I like more at the moment, but they are both great.

    Besides that, like the article writer mentioned, Google has some awesome and powerful tools available (and for free too, which is huge!).

  3. Search engines are also considering social networks popularity. So links from Facebook, number of Twitter tweets about the site and also delicious and stumbleupon bookmarks help in ranking high.

  4. The quality and content is great, and the seo tips is very much helpful for me and it is very quick and easy to follow along. I really look forward to seeing more. Thank you so much!

  5. Ubbersuggest provides variations of long tail keywords for a given word typed in the search field. It’s worth choosing a long term keyword as a better SEO strategy.

  6. Amazing content, very useful and informative. Seo tips are very useful to increase our page rank to our website. Apart from the seo tips we have other search engine i.e., social media marketing which is related to facebook,google+ and twitter. In facebook by posting posts we can increase traffic to our website,and also in google+, and last in twitter. By performing these social media marketing we can increase our visibility of our website. This is also one of the tip for seo.

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