Video: Keeping Your Audience’s Attention

The average web attention span ranges from being barely there to getting the gist . What does that mean for your videos? Are people watching them? After putting all that hard work into your video, you definitely want people to stay through until the end! There are certain ways to grab your audience’s attention and keep it…at least for one minute!

Keep it Short & Sweet

Literally the number one thing you can do- keep your videos as short as possible!

30-seconds to 1 minute… and 30 seconds is ideal. Cut the fat! Just like students take out the fluff in their papers, take out the fluff in the interview/b-roll. Do not sacrifice the pace of you video, but think about what you are trying to communicate with the video and cut all the rest out. People will not sit around and wait for you to get to the point.

Great Interviews are Key

Get fun people on camera! Pick people who WANT to be a part of your project. Convincing someone to give you an on-camera interview is going to result in, well…a less than desirable interview. Whatever their reason is (nervousness or apathy) it will come across on camera. The last thing you want is for a viewer to leave your video with a bad taste in their mouth solely because of your interview choices.

Quality vs. Quantity

Don’t just churn out content. Really take the time necessary to make a final product that you are proud of showing to the university (and to the world!). If you are having trouble with something…ask! Even the professionals get stumped, and asking for help is a part of the process. Also, never be afraid to Google something. Most forums can give you the information you are looking for right away.

Some great video forums and training sites are:

creativecowCreative Cow: I LOVE this site. It has just about anything and everything. Check out their “Events” section to read up on video conferences.

Ken Stone’s Final Cut Pro Blog: If you are using FCP, this site really breaks things down. It’s also a forum, so you can usually fix your issues in no time at all.kenstone


Lynda Software Training: This is mostly a paid instructional video service, but some lessons are free (usually these are the basic usage of a specific program).

And don’t forget about YouTube videos! They usually show you how to do just about everything.

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