The Elusive Calendar

The year was 2007. “Georgia Rule” had just released in theaters (Oh – you saw “Spiderman 3” instead? Yeah. Me too…). And OU Web Communications was in its infancy (pureed turkey and green beans, anyone?). We were purchasing a campus-wide Content Management System and had dreams of a campus-wide calendar. It’s now 2010 and we finally have something to show for those dreams and promises of a calendar. There are a few reasons that the calendar is just now debuting, but most of all, we’ve been pretty busy busting out some other awesome projects over the last 3 years. Now it’s here. *queue angelic music*

Screen shot 2010-08-16 at 1.52.25 PM

What is it?

Awesome. That’s what. We’ll be able to give departments their own calendar to create and display events. Those departments can promote their events to other calendars if they’d like (with approval from the other calendar, of course) or they can borrow other calendars (i.e. the Academic Calendar).

That’s great and all – but why do we need such a thing?

There are a bazillion events happening at OU on any given day. But submitting those events to a bunch of different calendars is annoying – which means it doesn’t happen. Since this system allows departments to own events, but also easily push to other calendars, authors don’t have to submit in multiple places. The more we can centralize content (events), the easier we can share that info to multiple outlets.

What kind of “system” is it?

The calendar was built in partnership with Day Software (recently purchased by Adobe) on the Communique 5.3 platform. That’s our content management system that we use for a lot of site management as well. Which means:

– Anyone who uses the CMS already will be familiar with how to create and activate content

– Maybe we can combine events with other content in the CMS down the road

We’re still in the beta phase of the calendar – so give us feedback (button on the right side of the page). There are really infinite possibilities with this calendar platform.

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