It’s the Law!


Closed Captioning helps provide a complete viewing experience for all users, including those who have a hearing impairment.

While it may be tedious to type out every word, it is also necessary to comply with federal law. Web accessibility standards and federal law (that goes for the University of Oklahoma, too!) requires all videos to have closed captioning.

Websites such as make it easy to comply.

You can also check out this Overstream demo to get a feel for the website. YouTube also has a short video on their subtitle/captioning features.

Let’s get started!

1) Create an account on

2) Click “Create” to begin and enter unique YouTube video URL

3) Save file with the name of the video

4) Caption your video as demonstrated

5) You are now ready to export your file under “Tools”–“Export Current Subtitles as SRT”

6) Sign into your YouTube account and go to the video you just captioned, select “Edit” and navigate to “Captions and Subtitles”

7) Under Add a Caption Track select “Add New Captions or Transcript”

8)  The subtitles should immediately show up for use!

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